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Kielce pogrom of 1918 refers to the events that occurred on November 11, 1918, in the Polish town of Kielce.

When Poland was becoming independent and Austrian troops were evacuated from Kielce, the city authorities allowed local Jews to hold a meeting at Polish Theatre, to discuss the issue of Jewish political and cultural autonomy in Poland. As the meeting went on, a crowd of Polish civilians gathered outside the theatre. Later, the crowd and some soldiers entered the theatre, came into the auditorium and begun driving the Jews towards the stairs, where a double line of men armed with clubs and bayonets was beating the Jews as they were leaving the building. Outside the theatre the Jews were beaten by the mob again. Jewish homes and shops were also attacked. During the pogrom four Jews were killed and more than 230 wounded[1]. A number of civilians have been indicted for participation in anti-Jewish violence, but have not been brought to trial. [2] [3]


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