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Killjoy, born Frank Pucci (on November 4, 1969 in Cleveland, Ohio) is the lead vocalist for the death metal band Necrophagia, and he is the only remaining original member of the group. He had his own solo band named Killjoy, which released one album, Compelled By Fear, in 1990.[1] He was vocalist for Viking Crown, a black metal project created by Phil Anselmo.[2] He is the vocalist for the death metal band The Ravenous, which also includes Nuclear Assault bassist Dan Lilker,[3] and for the black metal band Wurdulak.[4] Killjoy has performed with Forlis,[5] Enoch,[6] and Eibon.[7] He appears in the film August Underground's Mordum, released on video in 2003.[8]





Date of Release Title Label US sales
1987 Season Of The Dead New Renaissance Records
1998 Holocausto De La Morte Red Stream
February 28, 2000 Black Blood Vomitorium (EP) Red Stream
October 22, 2001 Cannibal Holocaust (EP) Season Of Mist Productions
February 24, 2003 The Divine Art of Torture Season Of Mist Productions
April 18, 2005 Harvest Ritual Volume I Coffin Records/Season Of Mist

Viking Crown

Date of Release Title Label US sales
1999 Unorthodox Steps Of Ritual (EP) Baphomet Records
April 11, 2000 Innocence from Hell Baphomet Records
November 13, 2001 Banished Rhythmic Hate Renegade Records

The Ravenous

Date of Release Title Label US sales
August 29, 2000 Assembled In Blasphemy Hammerheart
2000 Three on a Meathook (EP) Red Stream
February 24, 2004 Blood Delirium Red Stream


Date of Release Title Label US sales
January 1, 1990 Compelled By Fear Restless/Colossal Records


Date of Release Title Label US sales
October 30, 2001 Ceremony in Flames Baphomet Records
2002 Severed Eyes Of Possession Season Of Mist


Date of Release Title Label US sales
2004 Graveyard Disturbances Red Stream / Baphomet



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