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Kilo Ali
Also known as Kilo
Born 1972 (age 36) Atlanta, Georgia
Origin Bankhead, Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Genres Southern hip hop, Rap
Occupations Rapper, songwriter
Years active 1992 - present
Labels Wrap/Ichiban (1992–1996)
Act Bad (2007–unknown)
Oomp Camp(2004–present)
Associated acts Goodie Mob, Hitman Sammy Sam, JT Money

Kilo Ali (born 1972), also known as Kilo, is a rap music artist from Atlanta, Georgia, United States. Kilo recorded mainly bass music/miami bass tracks, but also hip hop tracks with a less distinctive southern flavour.

Ali was turned on to hip-hop, he recorded his first demos at the age of 15 with the help of his DJ Red Money. These recordings eventually crystallized into a debut set that was released on the local Arvis imprint. The album would sell over 40,000 copies in the South East region, its sales profile buoyed by the attendant hit single, "Cocaine". A-Town Rush was similarly successful, again almost entirely on the back of local sales. Kilo went on to win Atlanta's Coca Cola Music Awards for the best Rap Artist in March 1992, prompting a bidding war within the rap label community. Wrap/Ichiban won out, and promptly re-released and re-promoted the artist's first and second albums. The duo returned to the studio in 1993 with a less commercial approach making the resultant album less airplay-friendly, but it was again highly regarded by critics (and spawned the hit single "Tick Tock").

Kilo's second album from the same year was granted the production expertise of Carl Cooley, "C" Dorsey and Craze, and was another ample demonstration of his resonant, high-pitched delivery and lyrical skill. As Kilo Ali he released "Organized Bass" in 1997 with help from George Clinton, Cee-Lo from Goodie Mob, JT Money as well as Big Boi from OutKast appeared. [1] Ali in the late 1990s (1996-1997) went to prison for insurance fraud. In 2005 he was finishing up his latest album Purple Haze, which was never finished due to another jail bid, but will be putting the final touches of his album in winter of 2006. No reports are known if Kilo Ali will collaborate with the "new-age" Atlanta hip-hop stars such as T.I., Pastor Troy, Young Jeezy or Ludacris. It's also been reported that his beef with rival Atlanta hip-hop legend Hitman Sammy Sam has been squashed, and the two will collaborate on an album in 2007. Both Hitman Sammy Sam and Kilo Ali went to Douglass High School in Atlanta, and competed against each other in rap battles after school by having the crunkest lyrics. He is currently locked up at the moment at the Hancock State Prison in Sparta, Georgia.





  • 1991: America Has A Problem
  • 1992: Belize Tropical Hola
  • 1992: A-Town Rush (#67 U.S. R&B)
  • 1993: Bluntly Speaking
  • 1993: Git Wit Da Program
  • 1994: The Best And The Bass
  • 1995: Get This Party Started (#57 U.S. R&B)
as Kilo Ali
  • 1997: Organized Bass (#173 U.S., #44 U.S. R&B)
  • 2006: Purple Haze


Year Song U.S. Hot 100 U.S. R&B U.S. Rap Album
1995 "Dunkey Kong" - - 34 Get This Party Started
1996 "Nasty Dancer/White Horse" - 67 17
1997 "Show Me Love" - 86 32 Organized Bass
"Baby Baby" - 77 -


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