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Multiples of bits
SI decimal prefixes IEC binary prefixes
kilobit (kbit) 103 210 kibibit (Kibit) 210
megabit (Mbit) 106 220 mebibit (Mibit) 220
gigabit (Gbit) 109 230 gibibit (Gibit) 230
terabit (Tbit) 1012 240 tebibit (Tibit) 240
petabit (Pbit) 1015 250 pebibit (Pibit) 250
exabit (Ebit) 1018 260 exbibit (Eibit) 260
zettabit (Zbit) 1021 270 zebibit (Zibit) 270
yottabit (Ybit) 1024 280 yobibit (Yibit) 280
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Orders of magnitude of data

A kilobit is an expression of grouped bits meaning 1,000 (103) bits. Use of the term to denote a kibibit, although the most common use due to the nature of bits (binary digits), is deprecated and contrary to international standard.[1]

The term 'kilobit' is most commonly used in the expression of data rates (digital communication speeds) in the abbreviated form "kbps", "kb/s"[2], or "kbit/s", meaning "kilobits per second". For example, "a 56 kbit/s PSTN", or "a 512 kbit/s broadband Internet connection".

The abbreviation kb (for kilobit) should not be confused with the abbreviation of the term kilobyte (abbreviated to kB or KB, with an upper case B). Though the prefix "kilo-" is often (contrary to international standard) used to indicate 1,024 when used with Bytes, the decimal definition (1 kilobit per second = 1,000 bits per second) is used uniformly in the context of telecommunication transmission speeds.

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Literally, 1024 bits, or 1/8 of a kilobyte. Used as a measure of memory storage in digital media.

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