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Kind can mean:

The small lands of Småland. The black and red spots indicate runestones. The red spots indicate runestones telling of long voyages.

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KIND (O. E. ge-cynde, from the same root as is seen in "kin," supra), a word in origin meaning birth, nature, or as an adjective, natural. From the application of the term to the natural disposition or characteristic which marks the class to which an object belongs, the general and most common meaning of "class," genus or species easily develops; that of race, natural order or group, is particularly seen in such expressions as "mankind." The phrase "payment in kind," i.e. in goods or produce as distinguished from money, is used as equivalent to the Latin in specie; in ecclesiastical usage "communion in both kinds" or "in one kind" refers to the elements of bread and wine (Lat. species) in the Eucharist. The present main sense of the adjective "kind," i.e. gentle, friendly, benevolent, has developed from the meaning "born," "natural," through "of good birth, disposition or nature," "naturally well-disposed."

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Old High German kind from Germanic from the Indo-European root *gene- "to give birth", from which Latin genitus stems too.


Kind n. (genitive Kinds or Kindes, plural Kinder)

  1. child (young person)
  2. offspring


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In Genesis 1, the word translated as "kind" is Hebrew "min" (Image:Min-hebrew.jpg). This word in post-Biblical times came to mean "sect" and "non-Jew", see Min (Jewish Encyclopedia).

Proponents of "Intelligent Design" use the term "baramin", "created kind" ("bara" = "created" in Gen 1:1) for the kinds that were created in Genesis 1. See Baraminology and Baramin.

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Simple English

Kind has different meanings:

  1. Kind means group of things or people what/who have same features or category.
  2. Kind means friendly.
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