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In Ásatrú and some forms of Germanic neopaganism, a Kindred is a local worship group. Other terms used are Garth, Stead, sippe, Hearth, skeppslag and others. Kindreds are usually grassroots groups which may or may not be affiliated with a national organization like the Asatru Folk Assembly, the Ásatrú Alliance, or The Troth. It is more typical for a Kindred to be affiliated to an organization within the US than elsewhere. Kindreds are composed of hearths or families as well as individuals, and the members of a Kindred may be related by blood or marriage, or may be unrelated. The kindred often functions as a combination of extended family and religious group. Membership is managed by the assent of the group.

Kindreds usually have a recognized goði (priest) or Gyðja (priestess) to lead religious rites, while some other kindreds function more like modern corporations or communes.

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