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Origin Greece, Athens
Genres Death Metal, Thrash metal
Years active 2002–Present
Labels Sleaszy Rider Records, Burning Star Records
Alexakis Kostas
Savvas Betinis
Stavros Bonikos
Manolis Mammas
Vaggelis Sotiriou
Maria-Melissa Routi
Former members
Mina Giannopoulou
Margarita Staikou



Kinetic is a death/thrash metal band that started in 2002 in Greece. Its members coming from other bands from the Greek Underground Scene such as Acid Death, Wisdom and Brain Fade. Personal influences, coming from death, power, progressive and thrash METAL gave an aggressive timbre to every song, something that would duel between Swedish and American technique. Quickly, the band completed a respectable number of songs; three of them constituted their 1st recording, a self-released mini Promo CD entitled with the band name.

Kinetic started getting in touch with webzines and radio-stations all over the world using this music sample. The initial reviews and feedback of the band’s material, were very positive and encouraging. This gave an enormous help to the band and in the beginning of 2004, a small independent label from Greece, Sleaszy Rider Records, gave them a small deal.

The band started record its 1st full length in February 2004 and finished in August having more than 500 hours in studio. The result of this enormous amount of work was "The Chains That Bind Us" full-length CD, released on 15th of November/2004. Including 11 compositions and a video-clip for "Never Ending Winter" song -re-recorded and re-mastered from its initial form in the mini CD, this full album displays the band's progress.

For once more Kinetic started getting in touch with media all over the world sending promo-packs that were created by the band itself... The results were encouraging once more, collecting feedback from everywhere. Trying to boost "The Chains..." full-length CD, the band made and paid by itself another video-clip for "Heed These Words" song and arranged a small tour in many cities of Greece.

In September 2005, disagreeing with the entire label policy of Sleaszy Rider Records, Kinetic broke their contract and started searching for another label. After contacting and speaking with many labels, the band finally got in a deal with the ascended Burning Star Records with a schedule for a new release in September-October 2007. Keeping the same style, increasing it with more elements, they added two new members, Vaggelis Sotiriou on keyboards and Mina Giannopoulou on female vocals. Due to differences in musical approach, Mina Giannopoulou left the band to be replaced by Margaret Staikou later.

The band entered the studio in September 2006 to record its new full-length CD titled “Corrosion”, with the new 6-member line up. The whole production work came from the band for one more time. Kinetic intended to create an album that includes all their elements from their 1st full-length, while pushing the envelope bit more with a more personal music direction. The summer of 2007 the band shoot its 3rd video-clip, featuring the track “Venturing High And Low”.

In March 2008 Kinetic had a small line-up change; Margaret Staikou was replaced by a new ascended performer, Maria-Melissa Routi. After the change in the line-up, the band started the live appearances to promote “Corrosion” CD.

At the current time of this season, the band has finished its second tour around Greek territory and has started processing new material for their 3rd and yet untitled, album.



Current members

  • Savvas Betinis - Bass, vocals
  • Stavros Bonikos - Guitars
  • Manolis Mammas - Guitars
  • Kostas Alexakis - Drums
  • Vaggelis Sotiriou - Keyboards
  • Maria-Melissa Routi - Vocals

Past members

  • Mina Giannopoulou - Vocals (2006 - 2007)
  • Margarita Staikou - Vocals (2007 - 2008)



  • The Chains That Bind Us (February 2004)
  • Corrosion (June 2007)

Other releases

  • Kinetic (2004, CD Promo)
  • (2008, 6 year anniversary CD)

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