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King Tee
Birth name Roger McBride
Born 1968
Origin Compton, California[citation needed]
Genres Hip hop
Occupations Rapper
Years active 1986-present
Labels Capitol Records,
Loud Records : (1986-1994),
MCA Records : (1994-1996),
Aftermath Entertainment : (1996-2004),
Ruthless Records : (2004-2006),
Boss'Up Entertainment : (2006-...)
Associated acts Young Maylay
Tha Alkaholiks
Dr. Dre

Roger McBride, (born 1968 in Compton, California[citation needed]), Mostly known as King Tee (formerly known as King T), is an American West coast rapper from Compton, California.



Tee had been around the Los Angeles hip hop scene for many years alongside Ice T and Kid Frost and acted as a pioneer for the genre. In 1988 he made his debut with Act a Fool, considered a classic amongst west coast fans.

During his time with Capitol, Tee began mentoring a young trio of rappers called Tha Alkaholiks, or "Tha Liks," as well as their loosely affiliated collective called the Likwit Crew. The Likwits included Xzibit, who would later rise to fame and bring king Tee close to Compton producer Dr. Dre. Tha Liks put out their debut album under King Tee's guidance on Loud Records in 1993. Tee greatly influenced The Notorious B.I.G. with his deep voice, flow and rhyme style, which Big would at times imitate on his 1994 album Ready to Die. Tee later paid homage to Biggie on the track "6 In'a Moe'nin" on his album Thy Kingdom Come, using a similar setup to and vocal samples of Biggie's track "Somebody's Got to Die." Recently, Ice T confirmed in an interview that King Tee was B.I.G's favorite MC.[1]

After 1994's Tha Triflin' Album, on which Tee worked with Marley Marl, he left Capitol for MCA and put out IV Life in 1995. After leaving MCA as well, he built with Dr. Dre and ended up signing to the producer's label, Aftermath Entertainment. However, Tee only released three songs while on the label, "Str8 Gone" and "Fame" which appeared on Dr. Dre Presents the Aftermath and "Some L.A. Niggaz" which appeared on 2001; the two began recording for King Tee's Aftermath album, but the project was subject to repeated push-backs. Eventually, King Tee requested a release from the label.

In 2002, King Tee independently released his Aftermath album, Thy Kingdom Come. He also released The Ruthless Chronicles in 2004, which had songwriting by Tee's protégé Young Maylay and featured some of the songs seen on Thy Kingdom Come and others produced by DJ Quik. In the interim, Tee has guested on DJ Muggs' Soul Assassins II album. He was mentioned on Nas' song "Where Are They Now?" and appeared on the West Coast remix, along with Kam and Ice-T and other California artists Breeze, Candyman, Threat, Sir Mix-A-Lot and The Conscious Daughters. After this appearance, he put out a mixtape called Boss Up Vol. 1 with music by Snoop Dogg, The Game, J-Ro and several other West Coast artists. In 2006 he made a guest appearance on the song "Poppin' Off" from Xzibit's album Full Circle. He has also reportedly started his own label, though no artists are yet signed to it.[1] A remix of the song Money has appeared on Dr. Dre's son Hood Surgeon's The Autopsy Mixtape. The song was renamed "Fast Money" and features King Tee and Dr. Dre. The original song was on Thy Kingdom Come.

King Tee's daughter Heaven McBride was killed in a car accident on May 19, 2009. She was 16 years old.



Album Information
Act a Fool
  • Released: November 16, 1988
  • Chart Positions: #125 US, #5 Top Hip Hop/R&B
  • Last RIAA certification:
  • Singles: "Act a Fool", "Payback's a Mutha", "The Coolest", "Bass"
At Your Own Risk
  • Released: September 24, 1990
  • Chart Positions: #175 US, #35 R&B/Hip-Hop
  • Last RIAA certification:
  • Singles: "At Your Own Risk", "Diss You", "Ruff Rhyme (Back Again)", "Played Like A Piano"
Tha Triflin' Album
  • Released: 1993
  • Chart Positions: #95 US, #17 Top Hip Hop/R&B
  • Last RIAA certification:
  • Singles: "Got It Bad Y'all" "Bust Dat Ass", "Black Togetha Again"
IV Life
  • Released: March 28, 1995
  • Chart Positions: #175 US, #35 R&B/Hip-Hop
  • Last RIAA certification: -
  • Singles: "Dippin'", "Way Out There", "Free Style Ghetto"
Ruff Rhymes: Greatest Hits Collection
The Kingdom Come
  • Released: June 30, 1998 Unreleased Aftermath Version
  • Released: 2002 Non-Aftermath Version on Moe Beats Records
  • Chart Positions: #175 US, #35 R&B/Hip-Hop
  • Last RIAA certification: -
  • Singles: "Got It Locked" (from Original "Thy Kingdom Come"), "Monay (ft. Dr. Dre)"
The Ruthless Chronicles
  • Released: November 16, 2004
  • Chart Positions:
  • Last RIAA certification: -
  • Singles: "Squeeze Ya Balls", "Sucka Free"


  • 1986 "Payback's a Mutha"
  • 1987 "The Coolest"
  • 1988 "Bass"
  • 1989 "Act A Fool"
  • 1990 "Ruff Rhyme (Back Again)"
  • 1990 "At Your Own Risk"
  • 1990 "Diss You"
  • 1990 "Played Like a Piano" w/ Ice Cube and Breeze
  • 1992 "Got It Bad Y'all"
  • 1992 "Bust Dat Ass"
  • 1993 "Black Togetha Again"
  • 1994 "Dippin'"
  • 1995 "Way Out There"
  • 1995 "Free Style Ghetto" w/ Xzibit, Tha Alkaholiks, MC Breeze
  • 1998 "Got It Lock'd" (from original 1998 Aftermath-planned release of Thy Kingdom Come
  • 2003 "Get Ready 2 Ride" w/ Battle Cat
  • 2003 "Stop On By" w/ Tray Deee
  • 2004 "Back Up" w/ Phil Da Agony



Str-8 Gone (From the Compilation Dr. Dre Presents... The Aftermath by Dr. Dre)
Fame / R.C feat. King T (from the Compilation Dr. Dre Presents... The Aftermath by Dr. Dre)


Some L.A. Niggaz / Dr. Dre feat. DeFari, Xzibit, Knoc-Turnn'Al, Time Bomb, King T, MC Ren & Kokane (From the Album 2001 by Dr. Dre)


You Better Believe It / Xzibit & King Tee (From SOUL ASSASSINS CHAPTER II by DJ Muggs)


Southland Killers / Cypress Hill, MC Ren & King Tee (From STONED RAIDERS by Cypress Hill)


Wake Up / Proof (from D12) & King Tee (From THE LAST ASSASSIN by DJ Muggs & Chace Infinite)

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