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Before the Athenian democracy, the tyrants, and the archons, the city-state of Athens was ruled by kings. Most of these are probably mythical or only semi-historical. This list is based on that given by Eusebius of Caesarea.


Earliest kings

These two kings were supposed to have ruled before the flood of the Deucalion story.

Erechthids or Cecropidae

Cecrops was considered the first true king of Athens, although he was a mythical half-man half-serpent. The dates for the following kings were conjectured centuries later.

Melanthids or Codridae

After Codrus's death, his heirs ceased to be kings, and became hereditary archons.[1] In 753 BC the hereditary archonship was replaced by a non-hereditary system (see Archons of Athens).


Further reading

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