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List of Rulers of the Fon state of Danhome (Agbome) (Dahomey)

Danhome known to Europeans as Dahomey

(Dates in italics indicate de facto continuation of office)

Ahosu = King

Tenure Incumbent Notes
Agbome Kingdom
c.1600 Foundation of the Agbome Kingdom: Division of Allada royal family
Agasuvi Dynasty (Alada-tadonu Dynasty)
c.1600 to c.1625 Do-Aklin, Ahosu
c.1625 to 1645 Dakodonou, Ahosu
1645 to 1645 Gangnihessou, Ahosu
1645 to 1685 Houegbadja, Ahosu
1685 to c.1700 Akaba, Ahosu
Jointly with Queen Hangbe
1685 to c.1700 Hangbe, Queen Jointly with King Akaba
Danhome Kingdom Renamed after expansion
c.1700 to 1708 Akaba, Ahosu Jointly with Queen Hangbe
c.1700 to 1708 Hangbe, Queen Jointly with King Akaba
1708 to 1730 Agadja, Ahosu
Dahomey Kingdom
1730 to April 1732 (1740?) Agadja, Ahosu
April 1732 (1740?) to 17 May 1774 Tegbessou, Ahosu
1774 to 1789 Kpengla, Ahosu
17 April 1790 to 1797 Agonglo, Ahosu
April 1797 to 1804 Adandozan Madogugu, Regent
1804 to 1818 Adandozan Madogugu, Ahosu
1818 to December 1858 Ghezo Gbalangbe, Zedoko, Ahosu
December 1858 to 29 December 1889 Glele Kinikini, Ahogla,Togodo, Basagla, Ahosu
30 December 1889 to 15 January 1894 Behanzin Chadakogundo, Ahosu
15 January 1894 Defeat and division by France into Agbome (Abomey) and Alada (Allada)
15 January 1894 to 1900 Agoli-agbo, Ahosu
12 February 1900 Annexation by France
1900 to 1918 Agoli-agbo, Ahosu In Exile
1918 to 1940 Agoli-agbo, Ahosu
1940 to 1948 Aidododo, Ahosu
1948 to 1983 Togni-Ahoussou, Ahosu
1986 to 1989 ?Joseph Langanfin, Ahosu  
30 September 1989 to present Agoli Agbo Dedjalagni, Ahosu  
22 January 2000 to present Houédogni Béhanzin, Ahosu Rival king


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