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King of Iraq
Former Monarchy
Coat of Jordan updated.png
Royal Standard of the Hashemite Family
Last Monarch:
King Faisal II

Style His Majesty Majesty
First monarch King Faisal I
Last monarch King Faisal II
Official residence Baghdad, Iraq
Monarchy started 23 August 1921
Monarchy ended 14 July 1958

After World War I and the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire, the three provinces (vilayets) of Ottoman Iraq came under the control of the United Kingdom. Despite the efforts of the British, the people rebelled and Iraq showed itself a hard land to govern. In order to restore order, a dynasty of Hashemite kings was established, beginning with Faisal I who was the son of Hussein bin Ali. As a family originating in the Hejaz, the Hashemite dynasty was foreign to Iraq, though they were accepted as Iraq's royal family by a plebiscite showing 96% in favour. The Kingdom of Iraq existed until a coup d'état in 1958 known as the 14 July Revolution established the Republic of Iraq.

Hashemite Dynasty of Iraq (1921-1958)


Kings of Ancient Iraq

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