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King of the Cocos Islands was a title given by the press to John Clunies-Ross, a Scottish sea captain, and other members of his family.

He went to live on the Cocos (Keeling) Islands in 1827. Queen Victoria granted the islands in perpetuity to the Clunies-Ross family in 1886. Thus, the title to the islands was claimed by his descendants until 1978 when John Cecil Clunies-Ross was forced to sell the islands to the Commonwealth of Australia for £2.5m ($4.75m). The Commonwealth had already been administering the islands since 1955.

Clunies-Ross currently lives in Perth, Western Australia but his son John George Clunies-Ross (born 1957) lives on West Island.

List Clunies-Ross family owners of the Cocos Islands

Order King Born-Died From Until
1. John Clunies-Ross 1786-1854 1827 26 May 1854
2. John George Clunies-Ross 1823-1871 26 May 1854 1871
3. George Clunies-Ross 1842-1910 1871 7 July 1910
4. Sydney Clunies-Ross 1868-1944 7 July 1910 14 August 1944
5. John Cecil Clunies-Ross 1928- 14 August 1944 1978

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