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Dambadeniya is an ancient capital of Sri Lanka.





Four kings ruled from here. They were,

  1. Vijayabahu the third (1220AD-1236AD)
  2. Paracramabahu the second (1236AD-1270AD)
  3. Vijayabahu the fourth (1270-1272AD)
  4. Buwanekabahu the first (1272AD-1283AD)

The first king to choose Dambadeniya as his capital was Vijayabahu, the Third. He was able to bring about the unity among the sangha that had fled in various directions due to the hostile activities of the invader Kalinga Magha and succeeded in holding a Buddhist convention in 1226 to bring about peace among the Buddhist clergy.

King Paracramabahu the second was the king who inherited the throne after King Vijayabahu. He was considered a genius, who was a great poet and a prolific writer. Among the books he wrote are Kausilumina, which is considered a great piece of literature. Unifying the three kingdoms that existed within Sri Lanka at that point of time is regarded as greatest achievement.

King Bosath Vijayabahu, as the eldest son of King Paracramabahu the second was crowned in 1270. He was well known for his modest behaviour and for his religious activities. He was killed in the second year of his reign by a minister called Miththa.

After the demise of his elder brother Vijayabahu, King Buwanekabahu the first, as the next in line to the throne, shifted the capital to Yapahuwa for reasons of security. He followed his father's footsteps as a writer and continued with the religious activities started by his brother Vijayabahu.

Rule from Yapahuwa

Rule from Polonnaruwa

Rule from Kurunagala






The Dambadeniya period is considered as the golden era of Sinhala literature. Several books in Sinhala, Pali & Sanskrit were written in this time. Among them are books of poetry such as [[Kausilumina, Muwadewdawatha, Sidath sangarawa, Buthsarana, [[Saddharma Rathnawaliya. The stone inscriptions in this period include keulgama mavilipitiya, Narambadde Ududumbara Lipiya, Rambukana Dewala Lipiya, Aluthnuwara Dewala Lipiya, Galapatha Viharaya Shila Lipiya. Parakramabahu II wrote two books namely Visuddi Marga Sannasa and Kavisilumina.

Pali books

  • Rupasiddiya
  • Mahawansaya
  • Thupawansaya
  • Sawahini

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