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Kingdom of Kotte



Capital Kotte
Language(s) Sinhala
Government Monarchy
Kingdom of Kotte
 - 1412-1467 Parakramabâhu VI(First)
 - 1467-1470 Jayabâhu II
 - 1470-1480 Bhuvanaikabâhu VI
 - 1480-1484 Parâkkamabâhu VII
 - 1484-1489 Parâkkamabâhu VIII (Fifth)
 - 1551-1597 Dom Joaõ Dharmapala (9th and Last)
 - Unification of all Sri Lanka 1412
 - Disestablished 1597

The Kingdom of Kotte (Sinhalese: කෝට්ටේ රාජධානිය), centred on Sri Jayawardanapura Kotte (located just outside present-day Colombo) was a kingdom that flourished in Sri Lanka during the 15th century. Its king was the last native sovereign to unify all of Sri Lanka under one rule.



Originally founded as a fortress by Minister Alakesvara (1370-1385) of the Gampola Kingdom during the reign of King Vikramabahu III to checkmate northern invasions on the western coast, Parakramabahu VI later made it the capital city in 1412.[1]


In 1450, Parâkramabâhu VI had, with his conquest of the Jaffna Kingdom in northern Sri Lanka, unified all of Sri Lanka. By 1477, however, 10 years after the death of Parakramabahu VI, regional kingdoms became more powerful.

Troubled times started for Kotte Kingdom after the Portuguese landed in Colombo on 1505. They were able to secure a trade agreement with the King of Kotte on their first visit itself. Kotte Kingdom's downfall was made fast after the event know as the "Wijayaba Kollaya" where the kings (Vijayabahu VII) three sons killed their father and divided Kotte into three kingdoms. The divided Kingdom of Sitawaka became more powerful with local popular support and Kotte Kingdom had to rely on Portuguese for help. By 1565 capital of Kotte was abandoned by the Kotte King Dharmapla due to frequent attacks from Sitawaka and he was taken into Colombo under Portuguese protection. Most of the areas of Kotte Kingdom was annexed to the Kingdom of Sitawaka and after the downfall of Sitawaka in 1594 these areas were occupied by the Portuguese. In 1597 Dharmapla gifted the Kotte Kingdom to the Portuguese throne and Kotte era was officially ended.


Rule from Kelaniya





One of the greatest of fields that flourished under his rule was literature and art, since the king himself was very fond of them.

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