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Uí Maine was the name of a kingdom situated in south Connacht, consisting of all of County Galway east of Athenry, all of southern and central County Roscommon.

In prehistory it was believed to have spanned the River Shannon, and in the 8th Century even briefly extended its dominion west to Galway Bay. It existed as an independent kingdom from prehistoric times, and as a subject kingdom up to the end of the medieval era.

The descendants of the last Ó Cellaigh/O'Kelly Kings of Uí Maine are currently known as the O'Kelly of Gallagh and Tyrcooly, and are Counts of the Holy Roman Empire.


Semi-historic kings

Early historic kings

High medieval kings

Post-Norman kings

Kings of the Clanricarde era

  • Diarmaid Ó Cellaigh, c.1340-c.1349.
  • William Buidhe Ó Cellaigh, c.1349-1381
  • Maelsechlainn Ó Cellaigh, 1381-1402.
  • Conchobar an Abaidh Ó Cellaigh, 1402-1403
  • Tadgh Ruadh Ó Cellaigh, 1403-1410
  • Donnchadh Ó Cellaigh, 1410-1424
  • Aedh mac Brian Ó Cellaigh, 1424-1467
  • Aedh na gCailleach Ó Cellaigh, 1467-1469
  • Tadhg Caech Ó Cellaigh, 1469-1476 King of East Uí Maine
  • William Ó Cellaigh King of Iar Uí Maine 1472-1476, all Uí Maine1476-1487
  • Maelsechlainn mac Aedh Ó Cellaigh, 1488-1489
  • Conchobar Óg mac Aedh Ó Cellaigh, 1489-1499
  • Donnchadh mac Breasal Ó Cellaigh, 1489-?

Early modern kings and chiefs

Chiefs of the Name

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