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Kipper the Dog
Kipper the dog.JPG
A hug from Kipper
Genre Children's Show
Created by Mick Inkpen

Kipper the Dog is a character in a series of books for preschool age children by a British writer, Mick Inkpen. The books have 34 titles (as of July 2005), have sold over 8 million copies, and have been translated into over 20 languages. The books have also won many awards.

Kipper is also the name of an animated television series based on the same characters. In some cases, the episodes are specifically based on particular stories by Mick Inkpen. The videos have won awards including a BAFTA award for best children's animation. The show was broadcast from 1998 to 2001 on Nick Jr.. It currently airs on PBS KIDS Sprout and in Spanish on V-me. It took a break for a while from CITV until it was repeat on Christmas Eve 2003 showing the 'Christmas Eve' episode and repeated for most of 2004. Kipper hasn't been on CITV since then.

The show was released on VHS and DVD by HIT Entertainment, but the episodes were not in order.


Cast of characters

  • Kipper, the protagonist
  • Tiger, Kipper's best friend
  • Pig, Kipper's 'other best friend'
  • Arnold, Pig's toddler cousin, who says little beyond simple words like "igloo" and "duck", Arnold has many exciting encounters while the others are occupied
  • Jake, a large sheepdog
  • The Bleeper People, space aliens who live on the Moon
  • Mouse, a mouse who lives with Kipper in his house
  • Holly, a girl dog who does not appear in the animated series
  • Trilbert, a rat who moves into Kipper's house one day and steals Mouse's cheese.

Kipper is somewhat similar in appearance to an orange beagle.

Tiger has been identified by some as a Scottish terrier[1][2], but confused with a miniature schnauzer due to his grey colouring and white mouth, which would be unusual for a ‘Scottie’.

Holly is taller and thinner than the others, with a mottled coat that may hint at her being a dalmatian.


Martin Clunes voices Kipper's part, while Chris Lang voices almost every other character.[3] A notable exception is Julia Sawalha, playing the part of Mouse.[4]


These are the books in the Kipper the Dog series.

  • Arnold
  • Basketful of Kipper (audiobook)
  • Butterfly
  • Hissss!
  • Honk!
  • Kipper
  • Kipper and Roly
  • Kipper and the Egg
  • Kipper Has a Party
  • Kipper in the Snow
  • Kipper's A to Z: An Alphabet Adventure
  • Kipper's Bathtime
  • Kipper's Bedtime
  • Kipper's Birthday
  • Kipper's Book of Colours ("Colors" in US)
  • Kipper's Book of Numbers
  • Kipper's Book of Opposites
  • Kipper's Book of Weather
  • Kipper's Christmas Eve
  • Kipper's Kite
  • Kipper's Lost Ball
  • Kipper's Monster
  • Kipper's Playtime
  • Kipper's Rainy Day
  • Kipper's Snacktime
  • Kipper's Snowy Day
  • Kipper's Sticky Paws
  • Kipper's Sunny Day
  • Kipper's Surprise
  • Kipper's Toybox
  • Kipper's Tree House
  • The Little Kipper Collection
  • Meow!
  • Picnic
  • Rocket
  • Sandcastle
  • Skates
  • Splosh!
  • Swing!
  • Thing!
  • Where, Oh Where, Is Kipper's Bear?

Some of the books have been translated into other languages, including Spanish.

TV series episodes

# Title Original airdate Summary
1 Tiger's Rocket (screened 5/1/1999) Tiger gets a rocket.
2 Water, Water Everywhere (screened 12/1/1999) Kipper and Tiger are playing in their pool, when they accidentally flood Kipper's house.
3 Pig's Shop (screened 19/1/1999) Pig opens a candy shop.
4 Hide and Seek (screened 2/2/1999) Kipper and Mouse play hide and seek.
5 The Jumble Sale (screened 9/2/1999) Pig makes Kipper give all his old things to the jumble sale.
6 The Visitor (screened 16/2/1999) A baby goose is lost in a storm, so Kipper lets him stay at his house.
7 The Umbrella (screened 23/2/1999) Kipper has an adventure with an umbrella.
8 The Seaside (screened 2/3/1999) Kipper and Tiger go to the seaside.
9 Kipper's Pet (screened 9/3/1999)
10 The Lost Mug (screened 16/3/1999) Arnold loses his mug in the woods, so Kipper and Pig set out to find it.
11 Nothing Ever Happens (screened 10/7/1999) Kipper finds something in his attic, which reveals to be magic supplies.
12 The Rainbow Puddle (screened 17/7/1999) Kipper finds a magic frog in a puddle.
13 The Magic Carpet (screened 24/7/1999) A magic carpet shows up at Kipper's house, so he goes on a trip to the moon to see the Bleeper People.
14 Clay Time (screened 31/7/1999) Tiger gets a potter's wheel.
15 The Missing Tape Mystery (screened 7/8/1999) Everyone tries to figure out why Arnold's tape is missing.
16 Tiger's Joke Box (screened 14/8/1999) Tiger gets a new joke set and uses it on his friends.
17 Buried Treasure (screened 21/8/1999) Kipper and Tiger go on a treasure hunt.
18 The Robot (screened 28/8/1999) A robot comes to Earth and Kipper plays with it.
19 The Bleepers (screened 4/9/1999) Aliens called the Bleepers come to Earth, and now Kipper must fix their spaceship.
20 The Flying Machine (screened 11/9/1999) Kipper tries to make a flying machine.
21 The Costume Party (screened 24/12/1999) Kipper can't decide what to wear to Tiger's costume party.
22 The Big Freeze (screened 25/12/1999)
23 Crazy Golf (screened 26/12/1999) Kipper, Tiger and Pig go crazy golfing, but Tiger has trouble on hole 1.
24 Looking After Arnold (screened 2/1/2000) Kipper looks after Arnold for the afternoon.
25 Christmas Eve (screened 9/1/2000)
26 The Dinosaur (screened 16/1/2000) Kipper and Tiger are led to believing there's a dinosaur in the park.
27 Tiger's Sledge (screened 23/1/2000) Tiger gets a new sledge, so Kipper and Tiger go for a ride.
28 The Magic Act (screened 30/1/2000) Kipper does a magic act and accidentally makes Arnold disappear
29 The Magic Lamp (screened 6/2/2000)
30 The Goldfish (screened 13/2/2000) Kipper finds a goldfish and tries to take care of it while Tiger's on holiday.
31 Pig's Present (screened 14/2/2000) Kipper gets a hamster for Pig, but, he doesn't want to let it go.
32 The Conker Tree (screened 14/2/2000) Kipper and Tiger find a kitten stuck in a tree.
33 The Treasure Hunt (screened 16/2/2000) Kipper and Tiger go on a treasure hunt with Tiger's metal detector.
34 Pig's Cousin Kipper and Pig take Pig's cousin Arnold to the park, but all Arnold wants to do is feed the ducks.
35 Tiger's Torch Tiger gets a new torch, so Kipper and Tiger go camping in the woods.
36 The Paddiling Pool Kipper sets up his paddling pool.
37 Cakes and Tails Kipper and Tiger can't find Pig with a chocolate cake.
38 The Long Walk Kipper and Tiger get lost on a nature walk.
39 Surprise Party Jake thinks that everyone forgot his birthday, but his friends are actually holding a surprise party for him.
40 The Magnifying Glass Kipper looks at things with his magnifying glass.
41 The Swimming Pool Kipper, Tiger, Pig, and Arnold go to the pool, but Tiger isn't getting in.
42 The Rescue Arnold finds a pedalboat at the beach and wants a ride.
43 The Picnic Kipper and Tiger try to have a picnic.
44 The Little Ghost A ghost visits Kipper's house, but he's not very scary.
45 Snowy Day Kipper and Tiger play in the snow on a snowy day.
46 Pirates Kipper and Tiger play pirates.
47 Tiger's Cold Tiger pretends to have a cold.
48 The Mouse A mouse comes into Kipper's home.
49 Clouds Kipper and Arnold have an adventure in the clouds.
50 Echo, Echo Kipper meets a parrot.
51 Jake's Friend Jake has an imaginary friend. Or does he?
52 The Fair Kipper and Arnold and Pig get separated at the fair.
53 Big Owl's Bath Kipper and Tiger give their things a bath.
54 Arnold's Drum Arnold gets a drum and plays it nonstop at Kipper, Tiger, and Pig's picnic.
55 Skates Tiger gets new rollerblades, but he's having trouble.
56 The Key Kipper and Mouse find a key that goes to Kipper's wind-up mouse, and Mouse is jealous of it.
57 Cousins Mouse's cousins come over to visit.
58 The Nest Kipper and Tiger help a baby bird get back up into a tree, and they make their own nest.
59 The Butterfly Kipper tries to chase after a butterfly.
60 Arnold on Wheels Kipper helps Arnold ride a bike.
61 Arnold's Balloon Trip Arnold is blown away on a baloon to a candy mountain, Kipper, Tiger, and Pig try to rescue him.
62 Hedgehog Watch Kipper and Tiger go on hedgehog watch.
63 Hiccups Kipper gets the hiccups.
64 Holiday
65 Jake's Bird Jake's bird Fluff goes missing.
66 Kipper Is Unwell Everyone thinks Kipper is unwell.
67 Kipper the Hero Kipper poses as Kipper the Superdog.
68 Kipper's Circus
70 Pig's Sweater Pig gets a new sweater, and Kipper, Pig, and Arnold follow mysterious arrows.
71 Sleepless Night Kipper can't get to sleep.
72 Space Invaders
73 The Ball A mysterious ball shows up at Kipper's front door.
74 The Big Race Kipper and Tiger have a race to Pig's house.
75 The Camping Trip Kipper and Tiger go on a camping trip.
76 The Farm Kipper, Tiger, Pig, and Arnold go to a farm.
77 The Gismo Kipper finds a hairdryer, Tiger gets a boat and he sails it on the pond.



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