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Kirtland Community College
Kirtland Community College Logo
Established 1966
Type Community college
President Dr. Thomas Quinn
Location Roscommon County, Michigan, USA
Campus Rural
Nickname Firebirds

Kirtland Community College is a taxpayer-funded, two-year community college located in Roscommon County, Michigan. Founded in 1966 under the provisions of Michigan's Public Act 188 of 1955, it is the state's community college district, totaling 2,500 square miles (6,500 km2) and consisting of all or part of nine counties. Approximately 65,000 people reside within the district.

Kirtland Community College is accredited by the Michigan Commission on College Accreditation and the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. The college also holds membership in the Michigan Community College Association and the American Association of Community Colleges. It is named for the Kirtland's Warbler, and a Kirtland's Wildlife Festival is sponsored by the college.Kirtland’s Warbler Wildlife Festival is a celebration of nature. The festival is named for Kirtland’s Warbler, an endangered bird who, during summer months, makes its home in the Jack Pine forests that surround the college and migrates to the Bahamas for the winter. Kirtland Community College hosts the Warbler festival, each year in May, pulling the community together for fun, games and education. There are horse-drawn nature tours and campus nature walks which educate the general public on the wildlife of northern Michigan. There are also bus tours that will take you to viewing sites where you are likely to see the birds in their natural habitat. These tours are led by Wildlife Biologists from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. Offering a Juried Nature Fine Arts Show and nature arts and crafts brings a bit of culture to the area. Kirtland Community college has hosted the Warbler Festival for the last 5 years with more to offer each year. Games, art shows, flora and fauna, with something for everyone, it's the perfect family weekend.[1]

The Higher Learning Commission, a commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools granted Kirtland Community College status as a candidate for accreditation in 1972, and the college has been accredited as an associate degree-granting institution since 1975.

Kirtland's Insutructional Building, whose campus is beautiful all year round!

Kirtland operates on a semester calendar. There are two 15-week semesters, starting in late August and mid-January. A shorter session is offered during the summer and begins in June. The college competes in intercollegiate athletics as a member of the Eastern Conference of the Michigan College Athletic Association. The Kirtland Firebirds compete in men's and women's basketball, men's and women's golf and cross-country running.

Kirtland offers over 50 degree and certificate programs and six transfer degree programs, including arts, business, computers, criminal justice, fine arts, and science.

The Kirtland Center for the Performing Arts is an important on campus resource.

Kirtland offers many courses online. Examples of available online courses include but are not limited to English Composition I and II, Intermediate Algebra, and Medical Terminology. There are also some courses that are part online and part in class. Online courses at Kirtland are good for students who have a busy schedule and would like to be able to work on their own time. They are not a good choice for somebody who is not motivated and organized. Kirtland Community college is also making strides in providing students with high in-demand career degrees to help them start a better career. Kirtland is always establishing its health occupational programs expanding into Surgery Technician in the 2010 school year. As well as computer programming degrees, and expanding the criminal justice degree program every year. Kirtland is not only expanding in improvements academically but also in athletics. Ty McGregor has been with the Men’s basketball team for what will be his third season this year, and has made huge strides in making the men’s basketball team successful. His first two years coaching he had made the tournament in back to back years which was the first time in school history. He also makes sure that the boys in his team stay eligible, because in the years he has been coaching he has not yet lost a single player to academic ineligibility. Currently three of his former players continued their basketball careers at four year institutions.

Paying for college may seem overwhelming at first, but with help from the many great associates at Kirtland’s (KCC) financial aid department, it does not have to be.

Three steps must be taken to apply for financial aid to attend Kirtland. The first step is to apply for admission to KCC. “I recommend students apply for aid as soon as possible for financial aid,” says Audrey Larkin (Financial Aid Specialist). To apply for financial aid, you need to have proof that you have been accepted to a college. Secondly, you need to fill out a financial aid application. At this point, it is up to you, and your preferences, on how you wish to go about filing an application. There are three routes to take: submit a form online, mail in a downloaded PDF FAFSA (free application for federal student aid), or request a hardcopy FAFSA by contacting the Federal Student Aid Information Center (1-800-433-3243). After you have submitted a form by one of these means, you have to wait for the application to be processed. You should then receive a Student Aid Report (SAR) within thirty days. This report will tell you what programs you can receive financial aid for, and how much you are eligible to receive.

There are many different types of loans available to students, such as subsidized, unsubsidized and alternative loans. Subsidized is the loan of choice, since the federal government covers the interest while the student is attending school and payments are deferred until after they have graduated. A student may also be able to obtain assistance through a third party; Michigan Works is a great example of one. Also, certain employers may be willing to help pickup the tab as well. As a last resort, KCC offers an interest-free payment plan through e-Cashier.

Another nice feature KCC’s financial aid department has to offer is what they call a consortium agreement. This agreement provides the student with the flexibility to take classes at another college while attending KCC. The beauty behind this agreement is that the financial office will total the credit hours between colleges towards the amount of financial aid you are awarded for the semester. This could make the difference between being considered full-time or part-time for financial aid. Over the course of your career in college you may experience having a class fill up that you need, conflicting schedules, or it may simply be more convenient to attend a different college for certain classes. Participating schools include NCMC (North Central Michigan College) and online courses thought MCCVLC (Michigan Community College Virtual Learning Collaborative).

After the student has determined the best method for paying for classes, KCC offers many wonderful programs including nursing and cosmetology.

Kirtland Community College, in Roscommon, Michigan, has a wonderful Nursing program for those who are truly interested. There is no waiting list to be accepted in the Nursing Program. You need to apply every year, between December 1st and March 1st. They throw out the list each year, giving all a chance to be picked.

The requirements to apply and be picked are simple. The ranking on the list is based on five things. 1. Your GPA has to be a 2.5 for Level 1 and 3.0 for a Level 2. 2. Date of college application declaring nursing as your program study. 3. Your anticipated date of completion of your prerequisite course work. 4. Preference will be given to those students who reside within Kirtland’s district, then to those who reside within the local service areas. 5. Felony convictions and certain misdemeanors will prohibit you from entering the nursing program.

The lowest grade that you can receive is a C+. Except on your Anatomy and Physiology 1, Anatomy, and Physiology 2, on those classes you need to hit a B or higher. Therefore, if you meet these requirements you have a chance of being picked for that fall semester. If you are not, then you need to reapply in December again. Even though the prerequisites are the same as all other colleges, they do offer flex ability. Many basic classes are classes that you can take online. The online classes give you the ability to do the work around your schedule. They even have online classes during the summer semester.

Kirtland also has many counselors and tests to help you find out which classes you need to go in. The personal at the Health Career Services will help you prepare for your future. If you wish to continue from Level 1 Nursing onto Level 2 Nursing, they will give you the guidance you need.

Another program offered through KCC is cosmetology. Kirtland Community College provides a great program for cosmetology; giving students many different degrees and certificates to receive and/or just providing the experience. The class doesn’t just teach you about simply cutting hair, you also learn how to deal with nails (manicures, pedicures, paraffin dips, hot oil manicures, and acrylics); you need to learn about safety and sanitation, anatomy and some chemistry. Based on student enrollment, Kirtland Community College’s cosmetology department ranks third in the state of Michigan. Students can receive the following certificates: · Special Certificate in Limited Specialist Manicure Instructor · Special Certificate in Natural Hair Cultivation · Special Certificate in Natural Hair Cultivation Instructor · Special Certificate in Limited Specialist Skin Care Instructor · Certificate of Completion in Cosmetology · Certificate of Completion in Cosmetology Instructor · Certificate of Completion in Nail Technician · Certificate of Completion in Skin Care Technician · Associate of Applied Science in Cosmetology

The state of Michigan requires that a cosmetologist complete 1500 hours of theory and hands-on application. The nail technician, skin care technician and natural hair culturist, however, must complete 400 hours, and a student instructor must complete 500 hours. For the cosmetologist, Kirtland divides the 1500 hours into sixteen, 96-hour segments. This includes the 36-hour in-salon training that KCC requires the student to complete, above the 1500 hours required by the state, before the certificate can be earned. Based on availability, students can begin every two weeks due to flex scheduling.

Advanced education classes are another plus that KCC offers to its cosmetology students. Each year, students are given the opportunity to go to two hair shows. Here, students can learn complex techniques from stylists who have been in the industry for many years. The instructors also offer smaller, advanced classes teaching techniques such as machine facials, ear piercing, advanced highlighting and coloring, corrective make up, and waxing.

One thing the instructors at KCC stress is professionalism. From day one they teach students that clients, their needs and how they are treated are the top priority. Good communication skills are vital in this business. “There is a lot of communication involved in this industry,” Kirtland’s head cosmetology instructor Shannon Weaver says. “If a student does not do well with clients they might want to take a look at a different aspect of the cosmetology field other than client work.”

There are many other aspects of Kirtland Community College including inter library loans, their science department and sports. Here is a little information about all of those. Like stated breifly above, an inter library loan, simply means that if our library doesn’t have a book your interested in checking out, they can borrow it from a different library. This is a very helpful tool because it means you will almost always be able to get the book you want. Other aspects are KCC’s science department. When asked what makes the Science Department at Kirtland Community College stand above the surrounding community colleges and universities, Instructor Shauna Jennings commented, "Fun and personal attention. We as instructors, para-professionals, and staff really make our science classes fun, and due to our small class sizes we get to know our students and try to help them succeed on a personal level. I personally want all my students to enjoy science and cultivate their interest."What makes the science department so successful is that it is designed around the students needs, smaller classes, and in how they learn better in certain subjects. The last of these three is sports, a very common thing at KCC. The sports that are available are men’s and women’s basketball, cross country and golf. The great thing about these sports is that the scholarships that you can be eligible for are something totally worth going after; they range from half to full ride scholarships. These are just a few of the great things that Kirtland offers.


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