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Kiss Army advertisement in 1978 used language similar to earlier military recruitment posters.

The KISS Army is the official fan club for the American rock band KISS, as well as the unofficial name used to refer to KISS fans in general. It was started unofficially in 1975, by fans Bill Starkey and Jay Evans.



In January 1975, Starkey and Evans, two teenage KISS fans from Terre Haute, Indiana, began contacting local radio station WVTS in an effort to get KISS music played. After being repeatedly turned down by program director Rich Dickerson, Starkey and Evans began calling WVTS claiming to be "the KISS Army." Additionally, they sent letters to the station and signed them, "Bill Starkey–President of the KISS Army," and "Jay Evans–Field Marshall."[1] By July 1975, WVTS had begun to play KISS records, often referring to the KISS Army. Some of the letters included threats to blow up the station.[2] Before long, listeners started calling the station asking how they could enlist.[1]

Dickerson worked with Starkey and Evans to provide advance promotion for a KISS concert at the new Hulman Civic-University Center in Terre Haute. Before the show, KISS publicist Alan Miller contacted Starkey to discuss the KISS Army. At Miller's request, Starkey and Evans took phone calls on the air at WVTS to recruit as many members as possible for the KISS Army. As a result of these efforts, the November 21 show sold out (10,000 seats). During the concert, Starkey was brought on stage and given a plaque by KISS.[1][2]

Soon after the Terre Haute concert, the KISS Army became the official fan club of the group. Order forms for the KISS Army first appeared in November 1976's Destroyer. Former head of KISS merchandising Ron Boutwell estimated that the fan club (at its peak) earned US$ 5,000 per day, and had nearly 100,000 members.[3]

After a period of inactivity, KISS announced the re-launch of the KISS Army as the group's official fan club on August 23, 2007.

On May 29, 2008, Condoleezza Rice, the United States Secretary of State enlisted in the KISS Army.[4]

References in popular culture

  • The fanbase of Martin O'Donnell was named, "The Marty Army" as a joke at Marty's expense by Matt Soell and Max Hoberman.
  • On The Daily Show, Jon Stewart remarked in regards to US Army's readiness after being engaged in Iraq and Afghanistan that "the only armies we have left are Kiss and Salvation and they don't get along too well."
  • On That Metal Show, Don Jamison said, "They've got an army that's very powerful. I think the KISS army's in Iraq right now"
  • In Season 1 of the popular TV series, The Mighty Boosh, Vince is often seen wearing a Kiss Army patch on his sleeve.
  • In the online web-comic 'Erfworld', the most elite soldiers under the employ of Warlord Stanley the Tool are referred to as the 'Knights in Stanley's Service', which obviously abbreviates to KISS. The reference is further reinforced by their black, white and silver warpaint (imitating KISS's style), black leather 'armor' and are all equipped with axes. (Again, a nod to Gene Simmons, whose bass guitar is modeled to look like a literal axe.)[5]

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