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Kita may refer to one of the following:


In language

  • Kita (or KITA) is short for Kindertagesstätte (kindergarten) in German
  • Kita (北) is Japanese for "north".
  • "Kita" is the Malay word for "us" (inclusive).
  • KITA is short for Kick In The Ass, which designates a way to motivate workers in labor psychology in English.
  • A Tagalog personal pronoun that combines I-and-you constructs, such as Mahal kita (I love you).

In people

  • Ikki Kita, Japanese philosopher
  • Shuhei Kita, Japanese singer
  • Hideki Kita (born 1952), Japanese long-distance runner
  • Michal Kita - Polish mixed martial artist
  • kita member of the band lordi
  • Jonathan Kita, Classically Trained Guitarist, Berklee Music Production & Engineering Graduate, & Lead Guitarist for Boston Based Metal Band "Diecast."
  • Kita St. Cyr is a New York based burlesque dancer and pinup model.

In geography

Places in Japan

In company names

KITA is the abbreviated name of the Korea International Trade Association

In music

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