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Klas Åhlund (b. 11 April 1972 in Stockholm) is a Swedish pop music writer, producer, and guitarist, as well as a director of music videos and TV commercials. He started out as guitarist in the band Teddybears STHLM (later known only as Teddybears) together with his brother Joakim Åhlund and their friend Patrik Arve. Originally they played mostly hardcore punk, but on their third record, Rock 'n' Roll Highschool (2001) they teamed up with producer Fabian 'Phat Fabe' Torsson to make a record quite unlike their previous music. Now, they mixed influences from pop, electronica, hiphop, reggae and other styles with only few traces left of their former punk self. The album was quite well received, with several hit singles all over Europe, and critics calling the bands clash of styles "the future of Swedish rock".

Klas Åhlund has since continued to write and produce music in this and similar styles, which may point to him having an important role in what Rock 'n' roll High School became. He has written and produced a record with his then wife Paola (who also appeared on one track on Rock 'n' Roll High School), made more music with the Teddybears, produced his brother Joakim's other band Caesars, and Swedish pop star Robyn to name a few. Together with Swedish production duo Bloodshy & Avant he has also written and produced a song for Britney Spears, "Piece of Me" from the album Blackout and co-wrote the song "Speakerphone" for Kylie Minogue's X. Other co-writes with Bloodshy & Avant are the songs "Shy Boy" and "See My Side" for Jordin Sparks. Åhlund wrote or co-wrote six songs on Sugababes' album Catfights and Spotlights. Åhlund sent Kelly Clarkson a track to consider for her 4th album, which, after she wrote lyrics and melody became "I Want You" on her latest record.

Klas is also known as MC Lita and has produced the cover version of the Bee Gee's 1970's hit "Staying Alive", as used on the recent Citroen C4 TV adverts. Klas was grammy nominated for Robyn (album) in the category Best Electronic Album 2008.



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