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Klotz is a surname (German for block), can refer to:

  • the last name of the following people:
    • Adolf Klotz, Croatian linguist and writer
    • Alain Klotz, French astronomer.
    • August Klotz, German artist
    • Christian Adolf Klotz (1738-1771), German philosopher and writer.
    • Christopher Klotz, American soccer player.
    • Claude Klotz, French writer.
    • Clemens Klotz, German architect.
    • Clyde Klotz, art director.
    • Dieter Klotz, German politician.
    • Eva Klotz, Italian politician, Bolzano-Bozen
    • Florence Klotz, costume designer.
    • Frank Klotz, US Air Force general
    • Heinrich Klotz, German architectural critic.
    • Henry W. Klotz, Sr., American service station proprietor.
    • Karlheinz Klotz, German sprinter.
    • Kenneth Klotz, American politician.
    • Leander Klotz, Austrian mountaineer.
    • Leopold Klotz, Austrian-born American aircraft manufacturer.
    • Louis Klotz, Basketball player nicknamed "Red".
    • Louis-Lucien Klotz, French politician.
    • Martin Klotz, Austrian mountaineer.
    • Mathias Klotz, Chilean architect.
    • Moritz Klotz, Bohemian rabbi.
    • Nicodem Klotz, Austrian mountaineer.
    • Nicolas Klotz, French film director.
    • Otto Julius Klotz, Canadian astronomer and Dominion Surveyor.
    • Petrus Klotz, Austrian monk
    • Reinhold Klotz, German classical scholar.
    • Robert Klotz (1819-1895), American politician.
    • Sepp Klotz, Austrian mountaineer
    • Simon Petrus Klotz (1776-1824), German artist
    • Solon Klotz, American politician.
    • Tim Klotz, American/British Fight Director.
    • Ulrike Klotz, German gymnast.
    • Victor Klotz, French silks dealer and hotelier.
    • Volker Klotz, German playwright.
    • Wolfgang Klotz, German gymnast.
  • the last name of the following fictional characters:
    • Hans Klotz, from the French television series Code Lyoko
    • Roger Klotz, from the American television series Doug.

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