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Knightly Virtues (or the Virtues of a Knight) were part of a medieval chivalric code of honor. The virtues were a set of 'standards' that Knights of the High Middle Ages tried to adhere to in their daily living and interactions with others. Today, this term still carries similar meanings.[1]

Cross used by the Order of St. John

Some organizations attempt to continue this tradition. The Emblem of the Order of St. John, (an organization that can be traced back to the Knights Hospitaller) does have a meaning behind it. [2]

The emblem of the Order is a white eight-pointed cross embellished in the four principal angles alternately with a lion passant guardant and a unicorn passant. The four arms of the cross signify the cardinal virtues: Prudence, Temperance, Justice and Fortitude. The eight points signify the beatitudes: Humility, Compassion, Courtesy, Devotion, Mercy, Purity (very important), Peace and Endurance.

There is no definitive list of virtues, and other proposed virtues include:[1][2]

The list of virtues has changed over time. In the Middle Ages, skills like Horsemanship were also considered one amongst these ideals.[3]

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