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The Kochkiri Rebellion was a (predominantly Kurdish) Alevi uprising in 1920, in the overwhelmingly militant Kizilbash Dersim region. While waged by the Kizilbash Kochkiri tribe, it was masterminded by members of an organisation known as the Kürt Taâlî Cemiyeti. Today most Kochkiris can speak Kurdish and live in Central and Eastern Turkey.

In the Kurdish language people say Serhildina Qoçgirî, Ser- means "head" and -hildan means "to make high & to rise up" & Qoç means "horn" and girî means "cry" so: The cry of the horn.

This particular rebellion failed for several reasons, most of which have something to do with its Kizilbash character. To most Kurmanji (a dialect spoken by Kurds) at the time, the uprising appeared to be merely an Alevi uprising - and thus not in their own interests.


The name Kochkiri is believed to have originated from the Kurdish word "koc" meaning 'migrate', as the Kochkiri tribe is believed to have migrated from the Hozat region of Dersim.



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