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Kohl is a German word meaning cabbage.

Kohl may stand for

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KOHL. (I) The name of the cosmetic used from the earliest times in the East by women to darken the eyelids, in order to increase the lustre of the eyes. It is usually composed of finely powdered antimony, but smoke black obtained from burnt almond-shells or frankincense is also used. The Arabic word kohl, from which has been derived "alcohol," is derived from kabala, to stain. (2) "Kohl" or "kohl-rabi" (cole-rape, from Lat. caulis, cabbage) is a kind of cabbage, with a turnipshaped top, cultivated chiefly as food for cattle.

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  • IPA: /kʰoːl/


Old High German kolo


Kohl m

  1. cabbage

Derived terms

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