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Kohmi Hirose (広瀬 香美 Hirose Kōmi?, born on April 12, 1966 in Dazaifu, Fukuoka Prefecture) is a J-pop singer. She started piano lessons at the age of 4 and within a year was writing songs. One very famous song (in the genre of anime) is called "Groovy". It was the first ending theme of the Card Captor Sakura anime.

Graduated from Fukuoka Jyogakuin and then Kunitachi Music University in 1989. During her student days, she visited LA and decided to pursue a career in pop music after seeing Bobbie and Babyface in concert. Soon after, she began taking voice lessons from Seth Riggs, Michael Jackson's voice trainer of 3 years. Her favorite singer is David Foster.

After returning from America, her first album "Bingo!" was released in July 1992, but the first big smash hit for her was her 3rd single released in December 1993, "Romance no Kamisama", which sold 1.75 million copies. Subsequent album and single releases around that time of year earned her the title of the "Queen of Winter", and this was reinforced with the single "Gerende ga tokeruhodo koi shitai" in December 1995. She is rather unique in the J-pop world in that she writes virtually all her own music & lyrics, and does most of the arrangements as well. She did not do any live tours until 2001, and when tickets went on sale, they sold out in 15 minutes. Another concert tour, only her second, was performed during early 2007 and a DVD of this tour was released in December of that year. Her musical output seems to be slowing down, with 2007 only producing 2 greatest hits albums, and 2008 a re-release from 1997.

Kohmi married actor Takao Osawa in March 1999, but they announced they were getting divorced in November 2006. She has written songs and produced music for many other artists, including Hitomi Shimatani, and is now the principal of a successful vocal school in Shibuya called "DoDream".

She re-married in October 2008.

Her 1997 single "Promise" is featured within the Geddan/Get Down internet meme.[1]





  • Bingo! (1992.07.22)
  • "good luck!" (1993.03.24)
  • Success Story (1993.12.16)
  • Fuji TV's DRAMA "Ue wo muite arukou" ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK (1994.5.21)
  • Harvest (1994.12.16)
  • Beginning Part 2 (1995.06.21)
  • Love Together (1995.12.16)
  • welcome-musik (1997.02.05)
  • Movie "Tokimeki Memorial" original soundtrack (1997.08.08)
  • Thousands of Covers Disc1 (1997.08.21)
  • rhapsody (1998.01.15)
  • THE BEST"Love Winters" (1998.11.11)
  • Music D. (1999.12.16)
  • Hirose Kohmi THE BEST Love Winters ~ballads~ (2001.11.07)
  • LOVEBIRD (2004.12.16)
  • Musical “Hakuja-den/ White Lovers” song selection (as sound director - 2006.11.08)
  • GIFT+ (2006.11.22)
  • THE BEST Love Winters & Ballads (2007.02.21)
  • Alpen Best (2007.12.05)
  • Thousands of Covers (2008.03.26) (re-release of 1997.08.21 issue)


  • Ai ga areba daijyoubu (1992.12.02)
  • Futari no Birthday (1993.05.21)
  • Romance no kamisama (1993.12.01)
  • Dramatic ni koi shite (1994.05.11)
  • Shiawase o tsukamitai (1995.05.24)
  • Ai wa ballade (1995.05.24)
  • Gerende ga tokeruhodo koi shitai (1995.12.01)
  • DEAR...again (1996.11.11)
  • Mafuyu no kaerimichi (1997.01.01)
  • Natsu damon (1997.07.24)
  • promise (1997.11.27)
  • Pianissimo (1998.01.15)
  • Strobe (1998.12.02)
  • I Wish (1999.01.21)
  • Koi no Best 10 (1999.11.20)
  • BEGIN -Ikutsumono fuyu wo koete- (2000.01.13)
  • Only One (2000.03.23) (Theme song for a revue show called 'Hello Kitty Dream Revue One', in conjunction with the 10th anniversary of Sanrio Puroland)
  • More More Love Winters (2000.11.22) (maxi re-mix single)
  • Search-Light (2001.01.24)
  • Tasogare (2001.09.21)
  • Velvet (2001.12.05)
  • Tsukino shita de aimashou (2002.01.23)
  • HIZUKE HENKOUSEN (2004.11.17)
  • GIFT / Ai wa Tokko-yaku (2006.02.15)


  • hirose kohmi THE VIDEO Love Winters (10 video clips - 2000.12.06)
  • HIROSE KOHMI THE LIVE WINTER COLLECTION 2001-2002 (live footage from 2001/2002 concert tour - 2002.03.21)
  • Tour 2007 GIFT + Shiawase wa Fuyu ni Yattekuru (live footage from 2007 concert tour - 2007.12.05)


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