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Koi Koi Seven
(Koi Koi 7)
Genre Romance, Parody, Harem
Author Morishige
Publisher Japan Akita Shoten
Demographic Shōnen
Magazine Champion Red
Original run 20022007
Volumes 9
TV anime
Director Yoshitaka Fujimoto
Studio Studio Flag, Trinet Entertainment
Original run April 4, 2005June 26, 2005
Episodes 13
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Koi Koi Seven (こいこい7?) is a mystery, comedy and harem manga and anime. The story features a fighting squad of six girls (Koi Koi Seven) belonging to the Gokoh Academy who fight daily to protect the Earth's peace and future, as well as the hopeless Tanaka Tetsuro.



Tetsuro Tanaka is transferred to Gokoh Academy full of high expectations. However, expectations fade with a bad premonition the moment he steps onto the campus and finds all the students except him are girls. A series of strange events fall upon him. Then, six girls who are called Koi Koi Seven appear as his guardians. Army combat helicopters and anti-tank guns attack Tetsuro for no particular reason as he tries to survive each day in the academy.


In the anime, each episode tells you about each member in Koi Koi seven, in each episode whatever girl it's talking about, at the end of the episode they all fall in love with Testuro. It doesn't say who Testuro decides on in the end though. The last two episodes are really confusing: Episode 12 ends with Tetsuro and the koi koi seven girls trying to rescue Yayoi from Tetsuro's father. The episode ends with Tetsuro's father opening a dimensional gate and Tetsuro the Koi Koi seven girls (except Yayoi) attempting to storm in. Episode 13 starts off repeating the gate opening scene and then after the title card shows Tetsuro and the Koi Koi Seven girls (along with Yamada, Satou, Kano (the teacher) and Gantai (Celonius 28) on a tropical island relaxing. The two girls working for Tetsuro's father are now shown as half robots like Gantai and are allies to Tetsuro.This leaves a plothole without explaining what happened at the Gate, how Tetsuro rescued Yayoi and how everyone came to the island.

There really isn't an ending to koi koi seven in the anime version.


The manga of Koi Koi Seven consists of 9 volumes; each volume has about 4-5 chapters in it. The manga includes more information than the anime, and has an ending.

Character Descriptions

Tetsuro Tanaka (田中 哲朗?) 
He is the main character of the story. He receives a scholarship to go to a new high school but when he finds out he is the only boy there things get crazy. He becomes the focus of attention for the entire school. He can't seem to remember the reason why Yayoi always wants to be with him.
Yayoi Asuka (飛鳥 ヤヨイ?) 
(long pink hair) She is the main heroine of the story. She is part of a group of girls who call themselves the "Koi Koi 7". She had apparently known Tetsuro when they were younger. She claims to have a reason for wanting to be with him all the time. She likes crab bread. She also has the ability to fly and has white angel like wings.
Miyabi Tsukuyomi (月読 ミヤビ?) 
(long purple hair) She can use her hair to form a nearly-impenetrable shield or as an attack weapon. She is very popular in the school. In the anime her background remains a mystery, it only shows her cutting her wrist and blood is flowing out.
Sakuya Kazamatsuri (風祭 サクヤ?) 
(short blue hair) Another one of Tetsuro's roommates, this one is an expert at many firearms and often is seen pulling them out of nowhere (including a bazooka). She's the most talkative and the one that always gets on to Testuro.
Hifumi Inokai (猪飼 ヒフミ?) 
(green hair) She is one of Tetsuro's roommates. Rivalling Otome for the most flat chest, she is normally calm until provoked. She is the only one who is stronger then Akiwo. She tends the school garden commonly and is generally good friends with Akiwo.
Akio Suzuka (鈴鹿 アキヲ?) 
(short orange hair) She is one of Tetsuro's roommates. She is very busty and has orange hair. She has "Superman-like" powers like super strength and the ability to fly. But she has mentioned that she has not always been like this. She told Tetsuro that she used to be someone who was very weak and had to be rescued all the time. She explained that she kept telling herself that she should change.
Otome Chono (蝶野 オトメ?) 
(yellow hair, petite) She is one of Tetsuro's roommates. She has a very calm personality which makes her less aggressive than the other girls in the group. In the anime she has been seen "charging up" using a plug during breakfast, also in the group she is the person who gives the orders and information to the rest of the group after analyzing the data. This implying that she could be a robot or something that is not human. Through the first few episodes you may see Otome commenting "incomprehensible," making her even more "robot-like." In the final episode of the anime she is revealed to be a robot. On one of the episodes she got wet and her memory got wiped out therefor she is a robot. Even though she is a robot, she still dreams and has feelings like the feelings she has for Testuro, even though she cannot even comprehend those feelings herself.
(people who joined the school in their senior year) This group includes all six girls in the Koi Koi 7, plus Tetsuro.
Yayoi Asuka (Celonius 28) (アスカヤヨイ (セロニアス28号)?) 
(short gray hair, black uniform) Mysterious girl with an eyepatch. She is actually the real Yayoi that Testuro met in his past. She was in an accident and her body got replaced, so she's a robot now.
Orie Kano (花皇 ヲリエ?) 
(long blonde hair, ponytail) The teacher, who also lives in the student dorm with Tetsuro and the Koi Koi 7 girls.
Headmaster (学園長?) 
(seen only from behind) Has hidden knowledge about Tetsuro.
Miya Higashikazuno (東和野 ミヤ?) 
(long black hair, long skirt) Grandchild of the school's founder. She and her gang, the Gokoh Five, are constantly after Tetsuro.
Hekusokazura no Kimi (屁糞蔓の君?) 
(large golden curls) Second in command.
Kazuko Iidabashi (飯田橋 和子?) 
(black hair, twintails)
Chuko Asakusabashi (浅草橋 中子?) 
(long violet hair)
Yoko Suidobashi (水道橋 洋子?) 
(large brown curls)
Isuzu Yamada (山田 イスズ?) 
(dark brown hair, glasses) Head over heels in love with Satou.
Subaru Satou (佐藤 スバル?) 
(short light brown hair) Head over heels in love with Yamada.

There is no specific website to watch this anime.....


Every single member of the Koi Koi seven is a cyborg(half-human, half-robot) except for Otome, who is completely robotic, but she still has feelings, therefor it makes her a little bit human as well. They were all lab rats who were worked on by Testuro's father. In the anime it doesn't explain that but it does in the manga. Most of them were all involved in accidents and they got their body replaced. Since they are cyborgs they are immortal. Celonius 28 is Tetsuro's "lost asuka". She was in an accident too and got her body replaced as well. Since she promise Testuro that they will meet again, She will go to extremes to meet that promise. In the anime she doesn't do anything, but in the manga she inflicts a lot of damage on the koi koi seven members. She almost killed the other "Yayoi". But where the pink haired Yayoi came from is unknown.

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