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Kola River
Kola River.JPG
Origin Lake Kolozero
Mouth Kola Bay
Basin countries Russia
Length 83 km
Source elevation 140 m
Avg. discharge 40 m³/s
Basin area 3,850 km²

Kola (Russian: Кола) is a river on the Kola Peninsula i Murmansk Oblast, Russia. It is 83 km long, with a drainage basin of 3,850 km². The river flows out of Lake Kolozero north into the Kola Bay of the Barents Sea, some 10 km south of Murmansk. The neighbouring Tuloma River has its mouth just one kilometer to the west. The average discharge is 40 m³/s, but there are large seasonal variations. Its largest tributaries is Kitsa and Orlovka from the right, and Tukhta and Medvezhya from the left. The only town on the river is also called Kola.

Coordinates: 53°49′N 155°56′E / 53.817°N 155.933°E / 53.817; 155.933


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