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EKV - Kompanii.jpg
Standard Estonian military map symbol for a company.
Active present
Country  Estonia
Branch Estonian Ground Force
Type infantry
Size 250
Equipment small firearms
grenade launchers
tactical transport vehicles
Commander Captain ES-Army-OF14.jpg

Kompanii, (English: company) is a medium military unit led by a junior officer that is subordinate to an infantry battalion. Kompanii is bigger than a rühm (platoon) but smaller than a pataljon (battalion). It is one of the most basic military formation among the Estonian Ground Force infantry units.[1]




It usually consists 180 to 250 soldiers, and is further subdivided into platoons. Kompanii is composed of five platoons of thirty to fifty soldiers each, as well as a company leader (kompaniiülem) who is usually a captain (kapten). His second in command is lieutenant as an assistant of the battalion (kompaniiülema abi).[2]


One single kompanii is meant to operate on a battlefield along with other kompanii's on a landscale not greater than 500 x 500 metres. There is a logistical support element in the structure of a kompanii which is based on a reserv platoon. The formation transport is usually made up by twenty tactical transport vehicles such as Mercedes-Benz UNIMOG 435[3].

Other military uses

It is usually commanded by a captain, although there are certain Combat Service and Combat Service Support companies that are large enough, and specially configured to require the command of a major. The senior non commissioned officer of a company is called a first sergeant, and this job is usually assigned to an NCO who holds the first sergeant rank. At times, however, a master sergeant (E-8) or sergeant first class (E-7) will be appointed to the job in lieu of a qualified first sergeant. In such situations, the NCO holds the duty position title of "First Sergeant," while their military rank remains master sergeant or sergeant first class respectively.

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