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Kor in "Errand of Mercy"
Species Klingon
Home planet Qo'noS
Affiliation Klingon Empire
Posting Military governor of Organia
IKS Rotarran third officer
Portrayed by John Colicos
James Doohan

Kor, played by John Colicos, is the first Klingon to appear in Star Trek.[1]

The character is introduced in the original Star Trek episode "Errand of Mercy".[1] Kor later appears in the animated episode "The Time Trap", for which James Doohan provided the voice.[2] Colicos reprised the role in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's "Blood Oath", "The Sword of Kahless", and "Once More Unto the Breach".[1]



Kor acts as an antagonist to James T. Kirk on Organia in "Errand of Mercy", in which the Klingons and United Federation of Planets are on the verge of open warfare.[1] The Organians reveal themselves as beings of pure energy and force the Federation and Klingons to sign a peace treaty.[1]

Kirk and Kor, who commands the IKS Klothos, work together to escape the Delta Triangle in "The Time Trap".[2]

Kor, a dahar master, in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Kor, along with original series Klingons Kang and Koloth, appear in the Star Trek spin-off Deep Space Nine. Each of the trio's firstborn sons had been killed by a genetic virus unleashed by an Albino Klingon on whom the Klingons and Curzon Dax, godfather to Kang's murdered child, swore a blood oath to exact revenge. Having tracked him down, the three Klingons and Jadzia Dax attack his compound. Only Kor and Dax survive.[1]

Kor, Dax, and Worf find the legendary Sword of Kahless in the episode by the same name. Realizing that its reintroduction into Klingon society would cause division rather than unity, they beam the relic into space.[1]


Final appareance

"Once More Unto the Breach" is Kor's final appearance. Here he meets Dax in yet another form, commenting upon how Ezri Dax is so similar yet so different. Otherwise uninvolved in the Dominion War, Worf secures Kor a berth as third officer aboard General Martok's vessel. Suffering from senility and flashing back to his youth mid-battle, however, Kor is mocked by Martok and the crew. When Worf volunteers to lead a suicide mission to save Martok's birds-of-prey, Kor incapacitates Worf and takes his place. The episode ends with Kor's ship fighting valiantly against hopeless odds to allow the others to escape, and Martok toasting Kor as a great warrior.[1]


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