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Coordinates: 36°47′33″N 54°6′35″E / 36.7925°N 54.10972°E / 36.7925; 54.10972

Kordkuy is located in Iran
Location in Iran
Coordinates: 36°47′33″N 54°6′35″E / 36.7925°N 54.10972°E / 36.7925; 54.10972
Country Flag of Iran.svg Iran
Province Golestan Province

Kordkuy is a city in the Golestan Province of Iran.

Kordkuy (former Tamiše ) is located on the west part of the Golestân province. It is connected to Bandar from the north and the west to Bandare Gaz the east to Gorgân and from the south to Dâmâqân of Semnân province. Its south parts are closed with the heights of Alborz (Elbruz) mountains. Kordkuy was a part of Gorgân until 1979 when it gained town status. The former name of Kordkuy was "Tamiše" which was also attributed to the western part of Gorgân. Kordkuy's most harvests are husked rice, wheat, cotton and soya.

City Population: 67179 Area Phone Code:0173 Area: 815.5 km2 Area Post Code: 48814 to 48818

Prime Attractions:

The great Râdkân Tomb. This tower was build more than 1000 years ago and you can still find some text in Pahlavi script (precursor to the new Persian language) on it. You find this tower 24 km south of Kordkuy. See map .

Remains of ancient castle of Tâq , (Tâq dež or T âq Qa'le ) and Šâ h nešin castle ( Šâhne š in dež or Qa'le Šâhne šin ), a few kilometers SE Kordkuy (nearby Bâlâ Jâde, village). See map .

Remains of ancient city of Tamiše, established by Anuširvân Sassani (AD 224-651) , note specially the very big wall bricks. Ancient city of Tamiše is located a few km SWof Kordkuy, nearby "Sarkolâte Xarâb Šahr " village, c. 12 km SW Kordkuy. See map

Two important holy places (shrines) : Emâmzâde Rowš an Âbâd which is situated ca 13 km east of Kordkuy, off the old Gorgân-Korkuy road and Emâmzâde Ebrâhim in Alang village, a few kilometers eastern Kordkuy. See map


National park of Kordkuy with a great waterfall ( Âbšâre Doaw) just 5 kilometers south of the town. There are temporary settlements, Restaurant, BBQs and other suitable facilities in this park.
Derâzno mountainous tourism area: Derâzno mountainous tourism area, and the beautiful village of Derâzenow with its traditional Sunday market, c. 25 km south east of Kordkuy. See map The Derâzenow - Râdkân - Mile Râdkân route passes through lush green forests clinging to the slopes of Derâzenow peak (2644 m).This trek, also has historical significance. At Mile Râdkân, also there is " The great Radkan tomb" with inscriptions of the Pahlavi (precursor to the new Persian language) script.

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