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The Korea Media Rating Board (KMRB) is a ratings organization in South Korea. They rate movies, videos, stage performances, and phonogrames. The current chairperson is Kyung-Soon Lee.

Initially, the KMRB also rated video and computer games; However, they rated a gambling game machine called Sea Story as if it were an ordinary game, due to a bribe, confusing the Korean game industry. After some controversy, the Korean government established the Game Rating Board for rating games in 2006.


There are five ratings used by the KMRB:

  • All (ages)
  • 12-year +
  • 15-year +
  • Teenager restricted (19-year +)
  • Restricted (21-year +)

Ratings are determined on the following:

  • Nationally produced movies
  • Foreign movies
  • Advertisements on:
  • previews
  • posters
  • newspapers
  • notice boards

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The Korea Media Rating Board is a content-rating organisation in South Korea which rates movies, videos, stage performances and phonogrames. The board rated video games until 2006, when they were caught accepting a bribe to rate Sea Story – a gambling game – as suitable for all. After this, a separate organisation, the Game Rating Board was split off from the KMRB to handle video game ratings.


  • Image:KMRB_All.gif Everyone
  • Image:KMRB_12.gif Everyone 12+
  • Image:KMRB_15.gif Everyone 15+
  • Teen
  • Image:KMRB_R.gif Restricted

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