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Korn III: Remember Who You Are
Studio album by Korn
Released June 2010
Label EMI
Producer Ross Robinson
Korn chronology
Untitled Korn album
Korn III:Remember Who You Are
(June 2010)

The upcoming ninth studio album by American nu metal band Korn, nicknamed Korn III by the band.[1] has a suggested release date of early 2010.[2] The band hired Ross Robinson, who produced their first two albums to again act as producer, and drummer Ray Luzier to act as permanent drummer, instead of a live fill-in as he had been previously.[3] The album is being recorded as a four-piece band, using no Pro Tools or editing, unlike Korn's more recent albums.[4][5] Vocalist Jonathan Davis says the album will be "simple" in that it won't be as multi-layered as Korn's recent albums, but "it's about the vibe".[6]


Recording process


Background and pre-production

After releasing their untitled eighth album in July 2007 through their two record deal with Virgin Records, Korn took a ten-month hiatus so that the members could focus on different projects. Guitarist James "Munky" Shaffer started the recording of his side-project Fear and the Nervous System's debut album.[7] In July Shaffer reported on the bands MySpace page that the album would not be released August 8, 2008 as previously mentioned. Bass guitarist Reginal "Fieldy" Arvizu recorded guitars for the as of yet unreleased StillWell debut album Surrounded by Liars. Vocalist Jonathan Davis recorded his first solo album along with his back-up band the SFA's who also backed Davis on his Alone I Play-tour.

When getting back into the studio for the recording of the band's ninth studio album, Korn hired Ross Robinson, whom the band had previously worked with for the recording of their first two albums, Korn and Life Is Peachy, to act as producer. They also hired drummer Ray Luzier, whom they had previously toured with, to replace former drummer David Silveria permanently. This will be Luzier's first appearance on a Korn album.[3] During this time the band was unsigned and funded the recording of the album and the Escape From the Studio Tour themselfes.[2] In the early stages of production, Luzier, Arvizu, and Shaffer wrote material for the album in Arvizu's garage, during this time Davis has purposely kept himself away from hearing the band's new material, saying that after the band has arranged the songs along with Robinson he will start working on the actual lyrics.[8][9] The band reported that they wrote about fifteen or sixteen tracks of original material during this time.[8] According to Arvizu, the band had plans to play some new material on the tour but decided to abandon the idea due to the plethora of material that has been coming out during the band recording sessions.[10]

Production and recording sessions

After the conclusion of the band's Escape From the Studio Tour in late 2009 the band returned to the studio with Robinson to begin recording sessions.[2] While the band's previous album had been more experimental and contained keyboards performed by touring member Zac Baird to give their music more atmosphere,[4][11] the band's ninth album is being recorded as a four-piece band with guitars by Shaffer, bass by Arvizu, drums by Luzier, and vocals by Davis.[3][12] Unlike the band's earlier albums, the music was recorded with an analog 24-track tape machine and without the use of Pro Tools, similar to the recording of the band's first albums.[6] In addition to the songs already written by Shaffer, Arvizu and Luzier Davis wrote eleven songs in less than five days shortly after. Davis recorded demo's of his songs with guitar and bass recorded by himself over a programmed drum beat.[13] The finished demo's were then presented the rest of the band, who played the material live, to "add their own flavor to the songs," according to Davis.[13]


In August 2009, Korn announced plans to release a three-track EP featuring an instrumental demo from the upcoming album.[14] The EP was released digitally exclusively to premium-paying members of Korn's website on September 28, 2009.[15] The band also allows premium-paying members of their website to view live studio production sessions via webcam.[16] Guitarist James Shaffer revealed in an interview that the band intends to embark on an eighteen-month world tour to promote the album, starting in February.[17]

Musical and lyrical themes

In April 2009, vocalist Jonathan Davis revealed that he was planning to make the album a concept album, and that it was to lyrically revolve around the concept of five symbols that Davis identifies as the "downfall of man".[5][12] One of these symbols is organized religion, something that Davis considered to be responsible for a lot of things that have gone wrong in the world today.[3][5] The other symbols are drugs, power, money, and time.[5][12] In September 2009, however, Davis said that his idea for a concept album wasn't turning out as he had originally intended. He proposes that, instead, he's just going to sing however he feels at that moment. Davis also feels the album will combine the "raw catharsis of early Korn records" with the "storytelling [of recent records]". He commented, "I wanted it to start out as a concept album but now there are other things coming up that I want to talk about. I don't know necessarily if the concept's going to stick or not ... It's weird. I've been humming my lyrics along with the band as they play. I haven't done that in forever. We'd usually do our parts separately, and then I'd do my thing over the music after the song was done. We've been writing altogether as a band this time. I've been freestyling all of these lyrics that aren't necessarily about the five things I initially came up with for the album's concept. It's total freestyling—complete stream-of-consciousness. I'm really digging it. I might just go with what's coming out of my body at that moment..."[18] Davis also proposes that the album will recall their early albums, using a vibe that doesn't sound over-produced.[13] He elaborates, "We're not trying to do Korn II, or Life Is Peachy II, but it's just to have that vibe back where it's not too over-produced. Just slamming people's faces, like we did back, in '94, '95, and '98." Davis concludes that the album will be simple, rather than complicated as he proposes their previous few albums were.[6]


In an interview in October 2009 guitarist Shaffer revealed that the band had discussed several different options to release the album, with or without being signed to a record label. Shaffer mentioned releasing the songs three at a time on the internet, on a USB key or on CD, or possibly all three options.[17] While no official release date has been set Shaffer mentioned a possible release in February 2010.[17] In December 2009 Davis revealed that the recording of the album is complete and that the album is targeted for a June 2010 release.[19] In January 2010 a video of the band recording a song entitled "My Time" was leaked[20], uploaded copies of the song and video, which has been described as "old school Korn"[20], was quickly removed by the band's managment.[20]

On March 15th in the announcement of the upcoming Ballroom Blitz Tour, the title of the new material was revealed in fact to be Korn III: Remember Who You Are.



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Korn III:Remember Who You Are


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