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G4S Basketball Premier League
G4S Korvpalli Meistriliiga (KML)
G4s korvpalli meistriliiga logo 2009.png
Korvpalli Meistriliiga
Sport Basketball
Founded 1944
No. of teams 8
Country(ies) Estonia Estonia
Continent European Union Europe
Official website

The KML (G4S Korvpalli Meistriliiga) (English: G4S Basketball Premier League) is the premier professional basketball league in Estonia. It was founded in 1944 with the name of Meistriliiga, changing its name to the current one in 2004. The current champions are Tartu Ülikool/Rock.

The KML league, which is played under FIBA rules, currently consists of 10 teams, including BC Kalev/Cramo and Tartu Ülikool/Rock.

In 2009, G4S, the world's largest security services provider, signed a three-year sponsorship deal with the league.


Teams 2009/10 season

Estonian Basketball League Champions

Season Winner Result Runner-up Champion's Coach
2008-09 BC Kalev/Cramo 4-2 Tartu Ülikool/Rock New Zealand Nenad Vučinić
2007-08 Tartu Ülikool/Rock 4-0 BC Kalev/Cramo Estonia Üllar Kerde
2006-07 Tartu Ülikool/Rock 4-2 BC Kalev/Cramo Lithuania Algridas Brazys
2005-06 BC Kalev/Cramo 4-3 Tartu Ülikool/Rock Estonia Aivar Kuusmaa
2004-05 Ehitustööriist 4-3 Tartu Ülikool/Rock Estonia Allan Dorbek
2003-04 Tartu Ülikool/Rock 4-2 EBS/Nybit Estonia Tõnu Lust
2002-03 Tallinna Kalev 4-2 TTÜ/A. Le Coq Estonia Andres Sõber
2001-02 Tallinna Kalev 3-2 Tartu Rock Estonia Üllar Kerde
2000-01 Tartu Ülikool-Delta 3-0 Tallinna Ülikoolid-A.Le Coq Estonia Jüri Neissaar
1999-00 Tartu Ülikool-Delta 3-0 BC Kalev Estonia Teet Laur
1998-99 BC Tallinn 3-0 Nybit Estonia Üllar Kerde
1997-98 BC Kalev 3-1 BC Tallinn Netherlands Maarten Van Gent
1996-97 BC Tallinn 3-1 Baltika Estonia Üllar Kerde
1995-96 BC Kalev 3-0 KK Tartu Estonia Jaak Salumets
1994-95 BC Kalev/Auma 3-1 BC Tallinn Estonia Jaak Salumets
1993-94 Asto 2-1 Baltika Estonia Jaanus Levkoi
1992-93 BC Rafter/Kalev 2-0 Asto Estonia Riho Soonik
1991-92 BC Kalev 2-0 Asto Estonia Jaanus Levkoi

Notable players

Estonian players:

Foreign players:

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