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Kowa-Oto (怖音?)
Developer(s) Chunsoft
Platform(s) Apple iOS iPhone 3GS or iPhone4
Release date(s) August 31, 2010
Genre(s) Horror
Mode(s) Single player

Kowa-Oto (怖音?, lit. "scary sound") is a first-person horror video game developed for the iPhone by Chunsoft, a developer based in Shinjuku, Japan. The game relies on sound feedback to inform the user of two entities in the map; the exit and a cursed doll. The user moves one tile at a time in any of four directions and is periodically updated with both sounds to distinguish the location of the goal and doll. The user's goal is to make it to the outside world by following the exit's sound, before the cursed doll can catch up with them.

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