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The Kransky is a type of meat sausage. It is the Australasian version of the authentic North Slovenian (Upper Carniolan) dish - the kranjska klobasa. The name stems from the Slovene name for the historical region of Carniola, a province that encompassed most of modern central Slovenia.

It was introduced to Australasia by the many post-war immigrants from Slovenia who arrived in Australia and New Zealand in the late 1940s and 1950s. The Kransky is very popular in Australia and New Zealand. The Waiters Club in Melbourne, Australia is renowned worldwide for its wide range of Kransky dishes.

There have been many variations of the Kransky over the years. One variation — the Cheese Kransky—is not considered to be an authentic member of the Kransky family as it was created by Australian gourmet continental butchers, but it is still very popular in Australasia. In recent years the popularity of the Kransky has been diminishing.

Serving suggestions: it can be eaten on its own, but it is also great grilled, simmered, barbecued or pan-fried. Many bakeries in South Australia also serve a kransky in pastry, like a sausage roll but with a kransky instead of the sausage meat filling.

Earliest forms of the Kransky have been traced to a town named Kriz in the west of Slovenia. It is believed to have been a creation of a man named Francis Gomizelj.


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