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Krzysztof Kononowicz in a TV spot

Krzysztof Kononowicz (born January 21, 1963 in Kętrzyn) was a candidate for the office of mayor of Białystok the 2006 local elections in Poland. He attracted some notoriety for his purposely unsophisticated political advertisement first aired on local television. These were enormously popular and featured heavily on YouTube.[1]

In 2006, Krzysztof Kononowicz, a 43 year-old unemployed driver-mechanic and pig farmer living with his widowed mother Leonarda in a wooden house, became a candidate of the electoral committee "Podlachia of the XXIst Century" (Podlasie XXI Wieku). Several weeks before the elections, Adam Czeczetkowicz, activist of the fringe far-right Polish National Party (supported by the party leader Leszek Bubel),[2] convinced him to run for mayor and make the advertisement. Within several days, over 3 million Internet users had seen the commercial on YouTube, distributed like the other Kononowicz materials by his electoral committee. The video also made it to Polish national TV. Soon merchandise (including the characteristic sweater supposedly belonging to Kononowicz) were being sold on the Internet.[1]

Kononowicz won 1,676 votes (1.9%), but he by far became the most famous person out of the 2006 elections, featured as a guest in several television shows and becoming a popular Internet meme in Poland in the late 2006 and early 2007, even being voted "personality of the year" in the poll by the Polish web portal In several interviews, he stated that he wants to be a candidate for the President of Poland at the next election, while Czeczetkowicz's people said they wanted him to candidate for the post of mayor of Warsaw.[2]

It is unclear if Kononowicz himself was aware at least in the beginning that his newly-established "popularity" meant he was really just a laughing stock of the country at the moment. The leading Polish politician Donald Tusk called him "an unfortunate man". Foreign commentators said he was "like Borat, except not acting but the real thing".[1][3]

In March 2007, Kononowicz was accused by his neighbours of abusing his elderly mother (including possibly sexual abuse). Both mother and the son rejected the accusations but the police decided to investigate.[2] The investigation was ceased two months later and Kononowicz was cleared from all charges.[4]


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Krzysztof Kononowicz (born 1963-01-21 in Kętrzyn) was a Polish mayoral candidate for the city of Białystok, Poland. He attracted some notoriety for his simple, unsophisticated political advertisements on television; they were enormously popular and featured heavily on YouTube.


  • I expect to get some 300, maybe 400 per cent of votes in the election.
  • And I am honest, because I am really honest. I haven't drunk alcohol since I was a little baby.
  • So that there will be no crimes, no thieves, so that there will be nothing! So that senior citizens will be able to walk.
  • I want to take the police out on the streets. I want to take the police and I want them to protect because the police and the municipal guard are for it. They are for it, for it they are. For it they are.
  • And drivers will be severely punished for alcohol, for cigarettes, for everything.
  • And in the city hall there will be order. There will be no bureaucracy, there will be no tatters, there really will be people.
  • In winter time the architects will be preparing projects of road construction, projects of road construction, I emphasize once again, projects of road construction. And in the spring we will go out with construction of streets and streets, because we all see what our roads look like.
  • To completely liquidate for the youth alcohol, cigarettes and drugs.
  • To be no thievery, to be no violence, to be nothing.
  • What was happened in Jeżewo was, what was happened was?
  • Please canditate on me.

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