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Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

DVD cover
Directed by Karan Johar
Produced by Yash Johar
Written by Karan Johar
Starring Shahrukh Khan
Rani Mukerji
Cinematography Santosh Thundiiayil
Editing by Sanjay Sankla
Distributed by Dharma Productions
Release date(s) October 16, 1998
Running time 177 mins
Country India
Language Hindi
Gross revenue $12,843,742.82 (approx.)

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (Hindi: कुछ कुछ होता है translation: Something Happens) is a Hindi romantic comedy film, released in India and the United Kingdom on October 16, 1998.

The film was written and directed by the debuting Karan Johar and stars the popular on-screen pair of Shahrukh Khan and Kajol in their fourth of five movies together. Rani Mukerji features in a supporting role, while Salman Khan has an extended cameo appearance. The film was extremely successful both in India and abroad, winning major awards in all categories including the Best Film award at The 44th Annual Filmfare Awards, Lux Zee Cine Awards, Sansui Viewers' Choice Awards, Aashirwad Awards, Bollywood Movie Awards and the National Film Awards.



Rahul (Shahrukh Khan) and the tomboy Anjali (Kajol) are students at St. Xavier's College. They are the best of friends. One day Tina, (Rani Mukerji), the principal's daughter, enrolls at St. Xavier's. She had come from London and as she was beautiful, feminine, and sophisticated; she was the antithesis of Anjali. Rahul falls hard for Tina as soon as he meets her, which was just the time that Anjali realized that she has some feelings for Rahul, probably prompted by a careless comment on his part that she had heard, which equated love with friendship. This creates a romance triangle. One day, Rahul confesses his love for Tina to Anjali. Anjali leaves college suddenly, vowing to forget the heartbreak he caused.

Tina and Rahul marry and have a daughter, whom Tina names Anjali. Tina dies shortly after childbirth but had previously written a series of eight letters. Every year, on Anjali's birthday, she is given a letter and hears her mother's loving wishes for her. In the eighth and last letter, the little girl is told about her namesake. Where Rahul had been blind, Tina had noticed the older Anjali's emotions and pitied her deeply. Because Rahul hasn't remarried, perhaps his first love could be the mother that the young Anjali needs and wants.

Anjali Jr. believes that the older Anjali can make her beloved father happy again, and decides to help her father reclaim his lost paramour. She soon recruits her doting grandmother (Rahul's mother, played by Farida Jalal) and grandfather (Tina's father played by Anupam Kher) as accomplices.

The unlikely conspirators locate Rahul's old friend and contrive to make Rahul and Anjali meet again. They meet in a camp where Anjali Jr. had enrolled, where her namesake is a counselor. The namesake discovers, without the younger girl's knowledge, the truth of her new charge's parentage. Rahul soon finds old feelings reviving. However, Anjali has bowed to her family's wishes and is engaged to another man, Aman (played by Salman Khan). Complications ensue, but all ends well as Aman steps aside to let the fated couple marry at last.


  • Shahrukh Khan as Rahul Khanna: A student at St. Xavier's college, Rahul is Anjali's first paramour and her best friend, but ultimately falls for and marries Tina. He is self-confident and extremely masculine.
  • Kajol as Anjali Sharma: The college's tomboy and Rahul's best friend, who is secretly in love with him. She is a boyish and forthright girl who grows into a poised and lovely woman.
  • Rani Mukerji as Tina Malhotra Khanna: The principal's daughter, feminine, sophisticated, an alumna from Oxford University. She is the woman with whom Rahul eventually has a daughter. She dies and sends her daughter to matchmake her widowed husband with Anjali through letters written before her death.
  • Salman Khan as Aman Mehra: Aman is Anjali Sharma's loving fiancé, who finally understands her feelings for Rahul and lets her go.
  • Sana Saeed as Anjali Khanna: Anjali Khanna, named after Anjali Sharma, is Rahul's and Tina's daughter. She desperately wants to have a mother again and wants her father to have a loving wife.
  • Farida Jalal as Mrs. Khanna: As Rahul's mother she wishes for her son's happiness and as little Anjali's grandmother she wishes for new mother.
  • Anupam Kher as Principal Malhotra: As Tina's father and little Anjali's grandfather, he wishes for a new mother for little Anjali. He, along with Mrs. Khanna, seek to bring happiness back into Rahul's life. He is slightly infatuated with Mrs. Briganza.
  • Archana Puran Singh as Ms. Briganza: A showy English teacher at St. Xavier's College. She flirts with Principal Malhotra throughout the film.
  • Reema Lagoo as Mrs. Sharma: She is Anjali Sharma's mother and doubts her daughter's motives for marrying her fiancée Aman.
  • Himani Shivpuri as Rifat Bi: St. Xavier's housekeeper and a motherly friend for Anjali Sharma. She helps little Anjali to prevent the marriage between the older Anjali and Amaan.
  • Johnny Lever as Col. Almeida: He is the Camp Manager of Camp Sunshine, where Anjali Sharma works. He has a strong sense of admiration for the British Empire and finally finds his match in Mrs. Khanna's patriotism for India.
  • Paarzun Dastur as Silent Sardarji: A little Sikh boy at Camp Sunshine. He never talks and always counts the stars. When Anjali leaves Camp Sunshine to marry Aman, he pleads with her to stay.
  • Neelam as Herself in a special appearance: she is the host of her own show, The Neelam Show, and little Anjali's role model. She involuntarily helps to matchmake Rahul and grown-up Anjali.


A substantial part of the movie was shot in Mauritius. Many Indian actresses such as Twinkle Khanna, Tabu, Shilpa Shetty, Urmila Matondkar, Aishwarya Rai, Raveena Tandon and Karisma Kapoor were offered the role of Tina,but turned it down, later played by Rani Mukherjee

Saif Ali Khan was offered the role of Aman Mehra, but he turned it down and it was played by Salman Khan.

During the bicycle sequence in the "Yeh Ladki Hai Deewani" song number, Kajol lost control of her bike, fell flat on her face and was knocked unconscious while also injuring her knee. Years later while discussing the incident with co-star Shah Rukh Khan and director Karan Johar on his talk show Koffee with Karan, both Khan and Johar joked that Kajol lost her memory upon awakening and was asking where she was and what her name was. During the promotional Making of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai TV special, Kajol stated that the accident was her most memorable part of shooting the film because she doesn't remember it.

KKHH is the second film to win the 4 major awards (Best Movie, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Actress) at the Filmfare. Others include: Guide, Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge (1995) (also starring Shahrukh Khan and Kajol), Devdas (2002) and Black (2005).

During the Neelam Show Farah Khan and Nikhil Advani have a guest appearance. Nikhil is the guy who tells his girlfriend on TV that he has got a new girlfriend (Farah).


Kuch Kuch Hota Hai
Studio album by Jatin-Lalit
Released 1998
Genre Feature film soundtrack
Length 40:79
Label Sony Music
Producer Jatin-Lalit
Jatin-Lalit chronology
Pyar To Hona Hi Tha
Kuch Kuch Hota Hai
# Title Artist(s) Length
1. "Kuch Kuch Hota Hai"   Udit Narayan, Alka Yagnik, 4:56
2. "Koi Mil Gaya"   Udit Narayan, Alka Yagnik, Kavita Krishnamurthy 7:16
3. "Saajanji Ghar Aaye"   Kumar Sanu, Alka Yagnik, Kavita Krishnamurthy 7:14
4. "Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (Sad)"   Alka Yagnik 1:26
5. "Yeh Ladka Hai Deewana"   Udit Narayan, Alka Yagnik 6:36
6. "Tujhe Yaad Na Meri Aaye"   Alka Yagnik, Manpreet Akhthar, Udit Narayan 7:03
7. "Raghupati Raghav"   Alka Yagnik, Shankar Mahadevan 2:05
8. "Ladki Badi Anjaani Hai"   Kumar Sanu, Alka Yagnik 6:23

The song "Ladki Badi Anjaani Hai" features a violin sample from the song "Rangeela Re" from the 1969 movie Prem Pujari.

Box office

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai was the highest grossing Indian movie of 1998; it made Rs.500,000,000 (about 10.2 Million USD) in India.


National Film Awards
Filmfare Awards
Zee Cine Awards
Star Screen Awards
Bollywood Movie Awards
Sansui Viewer’s Choice Movie Award

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Awards and achievements
Preceded by
Dil To Pagal Hai
दिल तो पागल है
Filmfare Award for Best Film
Succeeded by
Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam
हम दिल दे चुके सनम


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Kuch Kuch Hota Hai is a 1998 film in which a little girl tries to bring back happiness into the life of her widowed father by matchmaking her with his best friend. It is directed by Karan Johar and stars Shahrukh Khan, Kajol and Rani Mukerji.

You know when you're in love when ...


Rahul: We live once, we die once, we get married once and love, love also only occurs once.
Rahul: Hum ek baar jite hain, ek baar marte hain, shaadi bhi ek hi baar hoti hai, aur pyaar, pyaar bhi ek hi baar hota hai.
Rahul: हम एक बार जीते हैं, एक बार मरते मैं, शादी भी एक बार होती है, और प्यार, प्यार भी एक ही बार होता है

Tina Malhotra

Tina Malhotra: You may not think of it this way, papa. But somewhere deep down, I think there is true love between them. They may not realize it but I feel really strongly about it. And I don't want to be in between their love story.


Rahul: What is it, mom?
Mrs. Khanna: I find this family incomplete.
Rahul: Why? You're here, I am here, Anjali is here. I don't find it incomplete.
Mrs. Khanna: When I go out with my friends, they all complain about their daughters-in-law. I can't even do that.
Rahul: This is a big problem.
Rahul: क्या हुआ माँ?
Mrs. Khanna:पता नहीं राहुल, मुझे अब यह परिवार अधूरा सा लगता हैं।
Rahul: क्यों? आप हो, मैं हूँ, अंजलि हैं। मुझे तो अधूरा नहीं लगता।
Mrs. Khanna: पता है, जब मैं अपने दोस्तों के साथ बाहर जाती हूँ, तो वो सब अपनी बहुएँ कि बुराइयाँ करती हैं। मैं तो वोह भी नहीं कर सकती।
Rahul: ओह यह तो बहुत बड़ी प्रॉब्लम है।

Little Anjali: Why is your name Anjali?
Anjali: Perhaps because my mother and father liked the name. Why is your name Anjali?
Little Anjali: Perhaps because my mother and father liked you.

Ms. Briganza: Rahul, define love.
Rahul: Love is friendship.

Mr. Malhotra: I was simply saying that this college forbids girls from wearing mini-skirts.
Ms. Briganza: You don't know. Some girls, nowadays, don't even wear skirts!.

Ms. Briganza: PYAR KYA HAI????
Rahul: PYAR...


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