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Quchan (also Quchon and Kuchan) (Persian: قوچان ) is an Iranian district in the northern part of Razavi Khorasan Province, in northeastern Iran. It is located due south of the border city of Ashgabat.


Population and tribes

As of 2005, Quchan was estimated to have a population of 105,352.

Quchan (also Ghoochan, Quchon and Kuchan) is in the north-east of Iran in Razavi Khorasan Province at an elevation 1,149 meters above sea level north of the Shah Jahan Mountains. It is located due south of the border of Turkeminstan. The region produces grain and wine.Quchan is connecte by road to Mashhad 125 km southeast, and Turkmenistan 100 km north. Quchan has suffered from many earthquakes, and the town was relocated 13 east of the original town in 1895.

Khorasan Turks live in Quchan.


It is a mountainous region.

Notable people


A devastating earthquake in 1893 killed 10,000 residents in Quchan. The U.S. press reported on January 28, 1894 that, "The bodies of ten thousand victims of the awful disaster have already been recovered. Fifty thousand cattle were destroyed at the same time. The once important and beautiful city of twenty thousand people is now only a scene of death, desolation, and terror."[1]


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Coordinates: 37°06′N 58°30′E / 37.1°N 58.5°E / 37.1; 58.5

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KUCHAN, the capital of the district, has suffered much from the effects of earthquakes, notably in 1875, 1894 and 1895. The last earthquake laid the whole town in ruins and caused considerable loss of life. About 8000 of the survivors removed to a site 7.1 m. E. and there built a new town named Nasseriyeh after Nasr-ud-din Shah, but known better as Kuchan i jadid, i.e. New Kuchan, and about 1000 remained in the ruined city in order to be near their vineyards and gardens. The geographical position of the old town is 37° 8' N., 58° 25' E., elevation 4100 ft. The new town has been regularly laid out with broad streets and spacious bazaars, and, situated as it is half-way between Meshed and Askabad on the cart-road connecting those two places, has much trade. Its population is estimated at 10,000. There are telegraph and post offices.

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