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Kunai Den
The cover of Shōnen Sunday 2007 vol. 46. Kunai Den's debut issue.
(The Legend of Kunai)
Genre Adventure, Action
Author Tabasa Iori
Publisher Japan Shogakukan
Demographic Shōnen
Magazine Japan Shōnen Sunday
Original run 20072008
Volumes 4
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The Legend of Kunai (クナイ伝 Kunai Den ?) is a Japanese shōnen manga by Tabasa Iori. The manga is ran in Shōnen Sunday from 2007's volume 46 through 2008 volume 32.


The story follows Kunai Komori, a junior high school student who is also a ninja. Upon his father's retirement and his inheritance of his father's sword, he is charged with hunting down other blood-sucking vampire ninja.


Kunai Komori
A young boy who inherits his father's sword, Jakoto, on his fourteenth birthday. He comes from a family of vampiric ninja. When he drinks the blood of others, he transforms into a taller version of himself. He has a crush on Itzuna.
Itzuna Ninomiya
Kunai's classmate and house guest. She is also descended from a long line of vampire hunters.
Risagiri Komori
Kunai's father, who has retired and let his son inherit the family's responsibilities.

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