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Kung Fu Kids
Format Comedy, Action, Fantasy, Adventure
Created by ABS-CBN
Directed by Malou Sevilla
Richard Arellano
Starring See Cast for more details.
Opening theme "Kung Fu Fighting" by Rocksteddy and Gloc 9
Country of origin Philippines Philippines
Language(s) Filipino, Tagalog, English
No. of episodes 63 (total) [1]
Executive producer(s) Sheila Marie Ocampo
Jose Antonio Giullero
Running time 30-45 mins.
Original channel ABS-CBN
Picture format 480i SDTV
Original run January 28, 2008 – April 25, 2008

Kung Fu Kids is the first locally produced live-action fantasy series which tell the story of seven kids of different personalities united by a prophecy. The program is also the first TV series to use "Motion Capture Animation Effects" in the history of Philippine television. The series used the song Kung Fu Fighting on its series teaser. It began airing on January 28, 2008 back to back with Palos and Lobo, as part of ABS-CBN's new primetime block[2].



Kung Fu Kids is about friendship, love for family, and courage. The destined kids are led by Lembot, the weakest and least confident of the bunch. About friendship, love for family and happiness, the Kung Fu Kids trained under the village idiot who turns out to be a Kung Fu master from China, they’ve developed the abilities that enables them to fight the forces of evil. They will fight many battles and defend their loved ones from evil. To be able to do best, they rely of discipline and focus. Under the rules of the Kung Fu Master, Lembot trains with other Kung Fu Kids to fight the forces of evil. See how challenging it would be as these exceptional kids deal with serious family issues and enjoy their lives as children while saving the world in secret. The kid’s desire to learn martial arts led him to be in the middle of an ancient battle until everyone close to him, his family and friends were placed in danger. What is the connection of Fei and Master Kung to Lembot and the crazy man? Wu Lee also tasks Kung to hide the ruby heart of Shen Li Liang, a shining sacred jewel & a student named Fei sacrifices his life in protecting the Shen Li Liang. Kung Fu Kids summon red dragon to combine their powers together by red heart.

Cast and characters


Main cast

  • Jairus Aquino as Waldo "Lembot/Lem" Ramos Jr. (Kid Weakling, Marsh by Chubbs)/Fei - has the ability to perceive slow motion and has the fighting style of an eagle. His main weapon are a pair of tonfa. "One... Two... Lipad (Fly)!".
  • Joseph Andre Garcia as Chester "Chubbs" Trinidad (Kid Chubby) - has the ability to make any force applied to his tummy bounce back and has the fighting style of a turtle. He is the only Kung Fu Kid without a weapon. "Super Chao Bite and Supreme Siopao Attack".
  • Eliza Pineda[3] as Saranelle "Sarah" Magalang (Kid Simple) - has the ability to hear distant noises despite her poor eyesight and has the fighting style of a stingray. Her main weapon is a parasol. "Pulsar Payong (Umbrella)".
  • Paul Salas as Leonardo "Uragon" De Vela (Kid Leader) - has the ability of super strength and has the fighting style of a bull. His main weapon is a pair of arnis. "Seismic Sipa (Kick)".
  • Jane Oineza as Moira "Moi" Ocampo (Kid Maarte) - has the ability to control frogs through the power of "pambabarang" that she adopt from Crispin and has the fighting style of a frog. Her main weapon is a lasso. "Lashing Laso (Ribbon)". She is Benjo's half-sister.
  • Kristofer Dangculos as Benjamin "Benjo" Reyes (Kid Bully) - has no ability gifted with the sixth sense and has the fighting style of a scorpion. His main weapon is a pair of nunchaku. "Shadow Sipit (Claw)". He is Moira's half-brother.
  • Joshua Dionisio as Jaizer "Jazz" Marasigan (Kid Judas) - has the ability to control and manipulate energy blasts through his hands and has the fighting style of a whale. His main weapon is a staff. "Tsunami Sapak (Punch)".
  • Kent Howell as Darien/The 8th Kung Fu Kid - has the fighting style of a dragon. "Super Pangalmot (Scratch)". Darien is actually Maneki Neko.

Supporting cast

  • Sid Lucero as Master Kung Lee (Kung-Krung) - Uses the power of a horse or cheetah or jaguar for calling the Kung Fu Kids
  • Gerard Pizarras as Macoy Ramos/Ferdinand Fernandez (Fisherman) - the main villain the uncle of Lem and father of Baby and stepfather of Gian (Father is Master Kung Lee)
  • Matteo Guidicelli as Gian Marasigan Fernandez - Cousin of Lem and Baby & son of Kung Lee
  • Erich Gonzales as Nicole "Nick" Magalang - sister of Sarah
  • Wowie de Guzman as Waldo Ramos Sr. - father of Lem & stepfather of Baby
  • Cheska Billiones as Baby Ramos - half sister of Lem, daughter of Macoy A.K.A. Fisherman & stepdaughter of Waldo
  • Allen Dizon as Congressman Adrian Ocampo[4] - father of Moira and Abby. He is also the father of Benjo.
  • Christopher Roxas as Thomas Trinidad - Father of Chubbs
  • Kian Kazemi as Teban[5] (deceased)
  • Arlene Muhlach as Mrs. Lydia Trinidad - mother of Chubbs
  • Yayo Aguila (Pinoy Big Brother: Celebrity Edition 2) as Mrs. Ocampo - Mother of Moira & Abby
  • Izza Ignacio as Mrs. Magalang - Mother of Nikki & Sarah
  • Hero Bautista as Mr. Selon Magalang - Father of Nikki & Sarah
  • Mickey Ferriols as Juana De Vela - mother of Uragon
  • Mariel Rodriguez as Elena Marasigan Fernandez - girlfriend/wife of Macoy and Kung Lee and mother of Gian
  • Asia Agcaoili as Sheila - former ally of the Fisherman (deceased)
  • Jhong Hilario as Kevin Marilao - former ally of the Fisherman
  • Ina Feleo as Sister Mona
  • Isabel Blaesi - Karen Alvarez - ex-girlfriend of Gian (deceased)
  • Noemi Oineza as Abigail "Abby" Ocampo - sister of Moira & half-sister of Benjo.
  • Thou Reyes as Crispin
  • Monsour del Rosario as Yuen - Uncle of Beng - descendant of Men Tang
  • Blake Nepomuceno as Rudolfo "Rudy"
  • Jacq Yu as Miranda/Carmen Santiago - right-hand of Macoy and Benjo's mom (deceased) and the mother of Benjo
  • Janice Hung as Kim (deceased)
  • Michael Roy Jornales as Beng (deceased)
  • Mark Joshua Sayarot as Xander De Vela - has the ability to paralyze people with static through his hands and has the fighting style of a snake. He's Uragon's half-brother (deceased).

Special participation

  • Jiro Manio as Young Macoy
  • John Manalo as Young Waldo
  • Jodi Sta. Maria-Lacson as Mrs. Anita C. Ramos (deceased) - Mother of Lem & Baby
  • Precious Lara Quigaman as Shen Li Liang - The Golden Statue Goddess
  • Menggie Cobarrubias as Sen. Federico Alvarez - Karen's father
  • Jordan Herrera as Men Tang
  • Cristy Fermin as voice of Maneki Neko (Golden Cat Statue) - Maneki assumes human form and joins the Kung Fu Kids
  • Ogie Diaz as voice of Maneganeki Maneko (Black Cat Statue)
  • Makisig Morales as voice of Borat 1 (Red)
  • Rhap Salazar as voice of Borat 2 (Orange) Replaced by Pocholo Gonzales
  • Daniel Nino Paclijan as Young Bennie
  • Lolita Tamayo as Lourdes "Olud" Ramos - Grandma of Lem, Baby, & Gian
  • Alannah Ong as Ma Bang
  • Lindsay Custodio as Fiona - Guardian of Mt. Banahaw Lake and Chalice of Life
  • Richard Quan as Joselito De Vela - Father of Uragon and Xander (deceased)
  • Michelle Salas as Mrs. Alyson De Vela - Mother of Xander
  • Japoy Lizardo as Shao - Ally of Yuen, Brother of Fei. He teaches Lem his Kung Fu skills.(deceased)
  •  ??? as Mr. Ong
  • Mark Gil as Master Wu Lee - father of Kung Lee
  • Jana Aveleda & Jenny Aveleda as Cornelia & Ophelia De Vela - Twin Sisters/Cousins of Uragon
  • Chiqui del Carmen as Brent
  • Kitkat as Malena - Mermaid (knows where locate the vanishing island)
  • Sharlene San Pedro as Reyna Ungga Ungga - A tribe leader: Queen in the island of "isle submerge appear (islang lulubog lilitaw)" and has the fighting style of monkey

Six Magical Items that Shen Li Liang Needs

  • Sitar - a guitar-like musical instrument from India that hypnotizes anyone who hears it's sound.
  • Golden Scarab of Jafar (Scarab ni Jafar) - a beetle from Ancient Egypt that takes control of humans and makes them be abused with power. For it to turn back to a stone it must be used for good.
  • Chalice of life (Kupita ng Buhay) - a cup from Europe that if anyone drinks from it he or she will be immortal as long as how many times you drink it and also heals sickness.
  • Magical Lotus Flower (Mahiwagang Bulaklak ng Lotus) - a lotus-like object that can bring inanimate objects to life.
  • Scythe of Death (Karit ni Kamatayan) - a black scythe from Japan that turns into an ordinary sickle or a black toga that cannot be taken off when held by a person. It tells a prophecy when a person dies. The only way to take it off is to surrender it to Shen Li Liang. Lem is the fishboy that wears toga of death to become an Angel of Death, he has the power to foretell anyone who is about to die to has a power of sickle.
  • Skeleton Key (Kalansay na Susi) - a key of a pirate that can transport anyone to a desirable place. A key has a special power - to see the answer that your heart as longs to find.

Lem's transfiguration

Only Lem can see mark X with someone's forehead

  • 1. Teban: Chief shots Teban's back in front of Waldo Sr. with Lem.
  • 2. Miranda: Miranda dies from a fight with Yuen to protect her son, Benjo.
  • 3. Chubbs: He was caught in a fight by bullies but survived when Lem surrendered the scythe of death to Shen Li Liang.


  • Onyx heart of Shen Li Liang
  • Ruby heart of Shen Li Liang
  • Jade heart

Master Kung tells stories

Master Kung with Fei (Flashback)/Kung Fu Kids

  • Oynx & Ruby hearts - (Oynx, Ruby, & Jade hearts) - Master Kung tells Lem about Shen Li Liang. Mr. Ong has a figurine with Oynx heart & Lem gets it out from Fish Aquarium & gives to Master Kung. Master Kung has a Ruby heart to give Lem to keep. Someone took Jade heart from the boy.
  • Golden Scarab of Jafar - Flying to find Lem looked like Fei to control it.
  • Chalice of life - According to Xander's story of Fiona had Chalice of life/Kung Fu Kids ahead to Mt. Banahaw with Master Kung.
  • Magical Lotus Flower - Kung Fu Kids go to Festival that something that has a Lotus Flower with Master Kung
  • Scythe of Death - Shao told Lem about the Scythe. Lem goes with Master Kung to his Grandma's house has a black scythe or sickle.
  • Skeleton key - Master Kung tells Lem the story of the Skeleton Key. Master Kung tells Lem that the skeleton key can be found in an island that appears, disappears, then appears. Maneki tells Lem and the other Kung Fu Kids that they can consult the only mermaid who only knows where the disappearing island is. - Kung Fu Kids go to the Island with Kevin to find Mermaid. Master Kung gave it to Reyna to keep await for fishboy.


The show is currently the most-watched program in urban Philippines according to NUTAM ,with 37.1%.[6] In addition, the show got 26.6% on its pilot episode in Mega Manila area.[7]

Kung Fu Kids Songs

Production credits

  • Director Malu Sevilla
  • Overall In-Charge of Production Enrico Santos
  • Production Manager Raymund Dizon
  • Headwriters Cenon Palomares, Wali Ching
  • Creative Team Randy Villanueva, Raymond Dimayuga, Christian Vidallo, Karen Gatdula, Kayelyn Jusay, Fionna Acaba, Janice O'Hara, Rhoda Tanyag, Sonia Pascual
  • Concept By Richard Reynante Bridgette Rebuca Angelo Roxas Bendel Timtim


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