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Kurokami Captured
(Kurokami no Kyapuchādo)
Genre Adventure, fantasy
Author Ryūsuke Mita
Publisher Fujimi Shobo/Kadokawa Shoten
Demographic Shōnen
Magazine Monthly Comic Dragon
Original run 1992?
Volumes 7
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Kurokami Captured (黒髪のキャプチュード Kurokami no Kyapuchādo ?, lit. Darkhair Captured) is a manga by Ryūsuke Mita. The manga is about a boy endowed with the power of a special ring called General.


The story

The story is about an earthling named Captured and his adventures in a distant universe where he isn't really wanted because of his black hair which the inhabitants-which are called the land Starians- do not have.[1] Several years ago, he was tormented by the other kids and he found a ring called General. It had the power of Spect'master and the ability to change his arm into a weapon. Along with Manji - his father and a female called Camel, they run a ramen shop between their adventures in order earn enough money to buy a spaceship to return to Earth.[2]


The protagonist of Kurokami Captured. He has black hair, blue eyes and a headband. Captured is tortured by the inhabitants because of his black hair (which they lack).He is a Spect'master with the power of General.
Captured's father who is from Earth but he built a spaceship and left Earth 30 years ago. That was before Captured was born. He must earn 7.8 billion Dottsu - the currency of the land star universe - to buy a spaceship in order to return to his homeland,Japan.
The only land Starian who likes Captured. She is tall and blonde. Camel is also a Spect'master. She has four rings although she stops using them later on.
A princess who joins the gang later on. However she frequently fights with Camel.
Full Nelson
One of Mother's four children. Is destroyed by Captured.
Another one of Mother's four children. She trained Moonsault. She is destroyed also.
Another of Mother's four children.
The most human of Mother's four children and the last one to be introduced. He looks to be fifteen years of age.
An faceless enemy that is the source of all life of the Land Starians. She has shown a dislike of Captured and Manji and wants to get rid of them for good. She has her own troop of soldiers known as the 'Mother guard'.


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