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The coat of arms of Kuwait's navy

The Kuwaiti navy, or Kuwait Naval Force (Arabic: القوة البحرية الكويتية), is the sea-based component of the Military of Kuwait. The headquarters and sole naval base is Ras al-Qulayah Naval Base, located in the south of Kuwait, approximately 35 miles (56 km) south of Kuwait City. The Kuwait Naval Force numbers consists of over 2,000 officers and enlisted personnel, including approximately 400 coast guard [1].



Kuwait's Navy was established in 1961 [2] shortly after Britain ended the country's protectorate status and Kuwait became fully independent.

During the Iraq-Kuwait War, part of the Persian Gulf War, Kuwait's navy was almost completely destroyed.[3] At the start of Iraq's invasion of Kuwait, Iraqi forces captured 6 Kuwait missile boats armed with Exocet missiles[4] and Kuwait lost 17 ships of other classes during the war. The Kuwaiti Navy "was completely dependent on foreign contractors for training, maintenance, logistics, and often actual operations" at the time of the invasion and as a consequence "overall readiness was poor," Anthony Cordesman wrote in his book on Kuwaiti security after the Gulf War.[5] [6] Iraqi forces lost 4 missile boats during the invasion[7]. Two Lürssen Fast Attack Craft armed with Exocet missiles escaped to naval bases in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.[8]

The capture of the Exocets raised fears that Iraq might use them against coalition forces during the Gulf War. Iraq did not use them and the captured vessels were all heavily damaged or sunk by coalition forces. During the war, the two Lürssen's that evaded Iraqi capture helped retake Kuwaiti coastal islands and oil platforms.[citation needed]

Present Fleet

Personnel year 2008: 2,700 (includes 500 coast guard)

  • 1 TNC-45 fast attack craft - 255 tons full load - 4 MM-40 SSM - commissioned 1984
  • 8 Combattante I fast attack craft - 245 tons full load - 4 Sea Skua SSM - commissioned 1999-2000
  • 1 FPB 57 fast attack craft - 410 tons full load - 4 MM-40 SSM - commissioned 1983
  • 1 support ship

Future ships

  • 12 MK V interceptor craft - 54 tons


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