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L'Auberge Espagnole

French theatrical release poster
Directed by Cédric Klapisch
Produced by Bruno Levy
Written by Cédric Klapisch
Starring Judith Godrèche
Romain Duris
Audrey Tautou
Music by Various Artists
Cinematography Dominique Colin
Editing by Francine Sandberg
Distributed by 20th Century Fox (USA)
Release date(s) May 17, 2002 (2002-05-17)
Running time 122 minutes
Language French
Followed by The Russian Dolls

L'auberge Espagnole (literally: "the Spanish inn", released in English speaking territories as Pot Luck or The Spanish Apartment) is a 2002 French film directed and written by Cédric Klapisch. It is about Xavier (Romain Duris), an Economics graduate student studying for a year in Barcelona, Spain as part of the Erasmus programme, where he encounters and learns from a group of students who hail from all over Western Europe.

The title of the film literally means "the Spanish inn", and is a French idiom for a hodgepodge of 'ingredients,' sort of like a potluck. It is also sometimes used to mean a busy, chaotic place. The English title of the film is Pot Luck in the UK and Canada; Euro Pudding is an international title it was given, and it is also known as The Spanish Apartment.

The film's portrayal is in the first-person perspective of the main character, Xavier, and is hence mainly narrated in French. Some of the dialogue is in English however, and a significant amount is in Spanish, as well as small amounts in Catalan, Danish, German and Italian.

The film has a sequel, The Russian Dolls. A third film is upcoming.



The story follows Xavier (Romain Duris), a 24 year old Frenchman, who leaves his girlfriend and his country for the ERASMUS programme in Barcelona, a prerequisite for a job with the French government. On the flight over, he meets a young "not cool" French couple who let him stay in their flat while he searches for a place to stay. Xavier manages to find an apartment with other people from all around Europe, including England, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Germany, and Denmark. The group become good friends and the remainder of the film is based on their interactions.

The meaning of the story is based on Erasmus' famous essay "The Praise of Folly" which discusses the superiority of folly over conventional wisdom.

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L'Auberge espagnole features a diverse soundtrack, which includes:




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