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L'Ecrivain (stylised as l'Ecrivain) is a Michelin star restaurant in located in Dublin in the Republic of Ireland. The restaurant's proprietor is the acclaimed Irish celebrity chef, Derry Clarke, who is known in Ireland for his television work which includes appearances on shows such as The Restaurant, The Afternoon Show and The Panel (in 2008[1]) and also acting as a judge on the reality television series Fáilte Towers.[2] l'Ecrivain has been described as "Dublin's corporate canteen" by the Irish Independent. [3] It is located at 109a Lower Baggot Street in Dublin 2. [3]



Derry Clarke and his wife Sallyann Clarke opened l'Ecrivain in 1989. [4]


l'Ecrivain's specialty is both Irish and French cuisine. [5] In 2009, l'Ecrivain was reported by the Irish Independent to be providing an "excellent" three-course lunch menu at a cost of 25 per person and a dinner menu which cost €50. [6] In a separate report this was compared to 2006 prices, where two courses and one "modest" bottle of wine between four paying customers would have cost €448.14. [3]

Celebrity clients

Model and television presenter Pamela Flood was reported to have resumed her tumultuous sexual relationship with Ronan Ryan over dinner at l'Ecrivain in October 2008.[7 ] British journalist Rebecca Evans has also paid a visit. [5] Revelations resulting from the 2008 FÁS expenditure controversy also showed that Greg Craig, the organisation's corporate affairs director, spent money in l'Ecrivain. [8] 4fm disc jockey Jimmy Greeley is a known admirer of l'Ecrivain as well, stating in one interview that, if someone were to invite him to come to the restaurant, he would arrive "at the drop of a hat".[9 ]


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