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Association L'APPEL is a non-profit humanitarian organization supporting needy children in different countries of the world. It was established in 1968 and is based in France.

The Association operates in 13 countries of Asia, Africa, Latin America (Vietnam[1], El Salvador, Haiti, Madagascar, Chad, French Congo, Peru, Rwanda, Cameroun, Niger, Burkina Faso, Algeria) helping children, who suffer from diseases, natural disasters, armed conflicts.



  • Improving hygiene in children hospitals and maternity homes
  • Supporting street kids, handicapped kids and orphans
  • Preventing AIDS expansion
  • Improving water supply and sanitation
  • Providing and upgrading medical help, including vaccination, obstetrics, emergency, orphanages, pharmaceutics
  • Supplying medical equipment
  • Rural development
  • Psychological help for victims of armed conflicts and violence
  • Preventing sexual exploitation of street and handicapped children
  • Education


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L'Appel (The Appeal) was a collaborationist periodicial of Vichy France. It was the organ of the collaborationist French League and edited by the League's leader, Pierre Costantini of the Parti populaire fran├žais (PPF). Its two main contributors were Robert Julien-Courtine (1910-1998) and Paul Riche.


  • This page is a translation of its French equivalent.



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