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L. Susan Brown (born 1959) is a Canadian anarcho-communist[1] writer and theoretician.

Brown is best-known for her germinal text The Politics of Individualism (1993), in which she makes a distinction between "existential individualism" and "instrumental individualism" and examines how these forms are utilized in liberalism (particularly liberal feminism) and anarchism. Brown has published many articles on the political philosophy of anarchism and feminism, and has had her work translated into Flemish, French, German and Finnish.

Brown works and lives in Toronto, Ontario and holds a Ph.D. from the University of Toronto.


  1. ^ Bookchin, Murray. Communalism: The Democratic Dimensions of Social Anarchism. Anarchism, Marxism and the Future of the Left: Interviews and Essays, 1993-1998, AK Press 1999, Footnote #1, p. 156 "I do not question the sincerity of Brown's libertarian views; she regards herself an anarcho-communist, as do I. But she makes no direct attempt to reconcile her individualistic views with communism in any form."


  • The Politics of Individualism: Liberalism, Liberal Feminism and Anarchism. Montreal: Black Rose, 1993.

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