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L2J Server
Operating system Cross-Platform
Type Game Server
License GPL Version 3.0

L2J is an open source server emulator based on Java for the MMORPG Lineage 2, which was developed by NCsoft. The emulator was first started by L2Chef but numerous other developers have contributed to this project as well. This emulator allows anyone to run their own Lineage 2 server.

L2J servers do not require players to modify their clients in order to play. Instead, players are required to edit their hosts file found in the Windows system folder. Therefore, proponents argue, it does not violate NCsoft’s client modification policy, which states that any modification made to the client is disallowed. However, certain servers have received Cease and Desist orders as well as FBI investigation.

L2J is programmed in Java for portability, and is compatible with any platform that can run Java Environment 1.6 or greater. On a powerful machine with well customized settings, an L2J server can support more than 1000 players.



L2J is the original source of all L2J-based servers. Many open source derivative projects have evolved from L2J. The current most popular forks are L2JFree, L2EmuProject, L2J_JP, and L2J_TW.


At the current stage, compared to retail servers marked as "official" (stolen from original developer and owner), L2J has a few game elements missing or not working correctly. This can lead to some degree of gameplay imbalance. L2J was also plagued by crashes and inefficient use of server resources in earlier versions, leading to many players avoiding private servers running L2J, opting anstead to flock to servers running official leaked, or in some cases, original software unrelated to L2J. These issues have been largely resolved now however with many L2J servers now being nearly as stable and feature complete as official rip based ones.

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