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Liga Española de Baloncesto
Spanish Basketball Federation.gif
Sport Basketball
Founded 1996
No. of teams 18 (LEB Oro)
11 (LEB Plata Group A)
10 (LEB Plata Group B)
Country(ies) Spain Spain
Continent European Union Europe
Official website (Spanish) Current sport.svg2009–10 LEB

Liga Española de Baloncesto is a Spanish basketball league that is the next level of the ACB. It's run by the FEB. The Liga Española de Baloncesto is divided into two categories: LEB Oro and LEB Plata.

The LEB league was founded in 1996, and is played under FIBA rules. Top category, LEB Oro, currently includes 18 teams.


Liga championship rules

Each team of every division has to play with all the other teams of its division twice, once at home and the other at the opponent's stadium. This means that in Liga LEB the league ends after every team plays 34 matches.

Like many other leagues in continental Europe, the Liga LEB takes a winter break once each team has played half its schedule. One feature of the league that may be unusual to North American observers is that the two halves of the season are played in the same order—that is, the order of each team's first-half fixtures is repeated in the second half of the season, with the only difference being the arenas used. This procedure is typical in Europe; it is also used by La Liga in football and the ACB.

Each victory adds 1 match of win to the team in the league ranking. Each match defeated adds 1 match defeated.head-to-head. At the end of the league, the winner is:

  1. The team that has most matches won in the ranking.
  2. If two or more teams are level on points, the winner is the team that has the best baskets
  3. If there is no winner after applying the second rule, then the team with the best overall matches head to head difference wins.


LEB History

Season Champion Runner-up MVP Champion's Coach
1996-97 Ciudad de Huelva Cajacantabria United States Robert Harstad Spain Sergio Valdeolmillos
1997-98 CB Murcia Artel Fuenlabrada United States Tony Smith Spain Felipe Coello
1998-99 Breogán Universidade Cabitel Gijón United States Eric Cuthrell Spain Paco García
1999-00 Lucentum Alicante Ourense Baloncesto United States Joe Bunn Spain Andreu Casadevall
2000-01 Caprabo Lleida Club Baloncesto Granada United States Michael Wilson Spain Edu Torres
2001-02 Manresa Lucentum Alicante United States Lawrence Lewis Spain Ricard Casas
2002-03 CB Etosa Murcia Unelco Tenerife Dominican Republic Jaime Peterson Spain Felipe Coello
2003-04 Bilbao Basket CB Granada United States Aaron Swinson Spain Txus Vidorreta
2004-05 Baloncesto Fuenlabrada IBB Hoteles Menorca Bàsquet Spain Ricardo Guillén Spain Luis Casimiro
2005-06 Bruesa GBC Polaris World Murcia United States Thomas Terrell Spain Porfirio Fisac
2006-07 Ricoh Manresa Climalia León Spain Ricardo Guillén Spain Jaume Ponsarnau
2007-08 Basket CAI Zaragoza Bruesa GBC United States Andrew Panko Spain Curro Segura
2008-09 Valladolid Lucentum Alicante United States Jakim Donaldson Spain Porfirio Fisac


  • Most Points in a Game
  • 50 by Antwain Barbour (Tenerife Rural) vs. Lucentum Alicante on November 21, 2008
  • Most Rebounds in a Game
  • 26 by Jakim Donaldson (La Laguna) vs. Melilla on February 15, 2008
  • Most Assists in a Game
  • 17 by Silas Mills (Aguas Calpe) vs. Cantabria on December 12, 2004
  • Most Steals in a Game
  • 11 by Gimel Lewis (Cantabria) vs. Farho Gijón on March 30, 2007
  • Most Blocks in a Game
  • 13 by Lester Earl (Melilla) vs. Sondeos on January 18, 2002

Teams 2009/10 season

Team City Arena Founded
La Palma Santa Cruz de La Palma, Canary Islands Insular de Miraflores 1978
CAI Zaragoza Zaragoza Pabellón Principe Felipe 2002
Aguas de Sousas Ourense Ourense Pazo dos Deportes 1979
Leche Río Breogán Lugo, Galicia Pazo dos Deportes 1966
San Josep Girona Pavelló Fontajau 1962
Ciudad de La Laguna Canarias San Cristóbal de La Laguna, Canary Isl. Juan Ríos Tejera 1939
WTC Almeda Park Cornellà Cornellá de Llobregat Parc Esportiu Baix Llobregat 1926
Cáceres 2016 Cáceres, Extremadura Ciudad de Cáceres 2007
Bàsquet Mallorca Inca, Balearic Islands Municipal d'Esports 2008
Tarragona 2017 Tarragona Pabellón El Serrallo 1978
Grupo Begar León León, Castile and León Palacio de los Deportes 1981
Ford Burgos Burgos, Castile and León El Plantío 1997
Faymasa Palencia Palencia Pabellón Marta Domínguez 1979
Melilla Baloncesto Melilla, Melilla Ciudad de Melilla 1991
ViveMenorca Mahón Pabelló Menorca 1950
Tenerife Rural Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands Insular Santiago Martín 1996
Clínicas Rincón Axarquía Torre del Mar, Andalusia Torre de Benagalbón 1988
Gestibérica Ciudad de Vigo Vigo, Galicia Polideportivo as Travesas 2004

LEB Plata

Teams Group A 2009/10 season

Team City Arena Founded
ADT Tarragona Tarragona Casal Esportiu RIU CLAR-Torreforta --
Iruña Navarra Pamplona Pabellón Anaitusana --
River Andorra Andorra La Vella Poliesportiu D'Andorra --
Caja Rioja Logroño Pabellón de Los Deportes -
Torrons Vicens L'Hospitalet Hospitalet de Llobregat Complex Esportiu L`Hospitat Nord -
Alaior Coinga Alaior Pavelló Esportiu Mpal. D´Alaior -
Prat Joventut El Prat de llobregat Pavelló Joan Busquets -
Beirasar Rosalía Santiago de Compostela, Galicia Fontes Sar 1990
CB Peñas Huesca Huesca Palacio Municipal de los Deportes -
Leyma Basquet Coruña A Coruña Polideportivo de Riazor -
Santurtzi CB Santurtzi Polideportivo Municipal --

Teams Group B 2009/10 season

Team City Arena Founded
Rayet Guadalajara Guadalajara Polideportivo San José -
Illescas Urban CLM Illescas, Castile-La Mancha Municipal 2001
Huelva La Luz Huelva Palacio de los Deportes -
Fundación Adepal Alcázar Alcázar de San Juan Pabellón Antonio Díaz Miguel -
Qalat-Cajasol Alcalá de G. Pabellón Plácido Fernández Viagas -
Plasencia Extremadura Plasencia Pabellón Ciudad de Plasencia -
Matchmind Carrefour El Bulevar de Ávila Ávila Multiusos Carlos Sastre -
Cajasur Córdoba 2016 Córdoba Pabellón Vista Alegre -
Promobys Valle del Almanzora Tijola Pabellón Municipal -
Real Madrid B Las Rozas-Madrid Pabellón Ciudad del Fútbol -

Relegated or Dissolved

Team City Arena Founded
CB Vic Vic, Catalonia Municipal d'Esports 1957
Gandía Bàsquet Gandia, Valencian Community Municipal 1981
Plus Pujol Lleida Lleida, Catalonia Barris Nord 1997
Villa de Los Barrios Los Barrios, Andalusia Soldado Samuel Aguilar 1996
Canasta Unibasket Jerez - - -
Gijón Baloncesto Gijón Palacio de deportes de Gijón 1982
AD Molina - - -
Alerta Cantabria Santander - -
Balneario de Archena Archena - -
CB Navalcarnero Navalcarnero - -
FEVE Oviedo Oviedo - -
Fundación Valdemoro Siglo XXI Valdemoro - -
Mérida Patrimonio de la Humanidad Mérida - -

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