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The LGBTory Rainbow Tree Logo.
The Current LGBTory Logo.
Motto "The LGBT Conservative Group"
Purpose/focus LGBT Rights and Conservative Principals
Region served United KingdomUnited Kingdom
National Chairman Matthew Sephton
Affiliations Conservative Party

LGBTory is the LGBT Conservative Group linked to the Conservative Party of the United Kingdom. The first LGBT Conservative group was called TORCHE[1] however this was disbanded and some years later LGBTory[2] was formed. LGBTory has an active membership organised often organised using its Facebook Groups and pages and attends Vigils and LGBT Pride events across the UK including Pride London[3], Pride Scotia, Leeds Pride, Manchester Pride[4], Doncaster Pride and Brighton Pride[5][6].

LGBTory works to promote LGBT Equality within the Conservative Party[7][8][9], It's policy and generally across across the UK.


Notable LGBT Conservatives

  • Nick Herbert, Shadow Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.
  • Nick Boles, Conservative parliamentary candidate for Grantham and Stamford, Close friend with David Cameron.
  • Margot James, Conservative prospective parliamentary candidate for Stourbridge, Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party.
  • Alan Duncan, Shadow Prisons Minister.
  • Greg Barker, Shadow Minister for Climate Change.
  • Iain Dale, Blogger and Publisher of Total Politics.
  • Matthew Parris, Journalist, aide to Margaret Thatcher.
  • Richard Barnes, Deputy Mayor of London for Boris Johnson.
  • Mike Freer, Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Finchley & Golders Green.
  • Iain Stewart, Conservative prospective parliamentary candidate, Tiped to be the first Openly Gay Prime Minister.
  • David Bull, TV presenter, Policy writer and former Conservative candidate.

The Name

The name LGBTory hit some controversy when members of the Transgender community decided that it was missing the letter T and actually read LGB Tory rather than the play on words LGBT-ory. Chairman Matthew Sephton pointed out during an interview on a local Manchester BBC radio show that this was not the case and that the organisation does indeed have Transgender members. He went on further to say that the Liberal Democrats' version of LGBTory called DELGA makes no attempt to refer to the Transgender community nor the bisexual community at all.


The First LGBTory Logo.

The founder and first official chairman of LGBTory was Anastasia Beaumont-Bott [10]and it was under her Chairmanship that Mayor of London Boris Johnson attended and lead the London Pride March in 2008[11].

The second chairman of LGBTory was Edward Butler-Ellis, under his chairmanship official membership was founded to the organisation and this lead to a massive understanding about the LGBT Community's part within the Conservative Party.

The National Chairman of LGBTory Matthew Sephton.

The current chairman of LGBTory is Matthew Sephton[12] under his leadership LGBTory has expanded with the organisation attending more pride events than ever. Matthew Sephton is often in the Pink Media[13] as a voice for the Conservatives within the gay community.


LGBTory have attended many Gay Pride events from across the country[14].

Conference Pride

The Conference Pride Logo.

Tuesday 6th October 2009 during Conservative Party Conference saw LGBTory host'Conference Pride'[15][16] in Manchester. Conference Pride was held in SPIRIT nightclub on Manchester's Canal Street[17] with a live performance from Angie Brown[18] and a free cocktail on the door. Tickets at the cost of £15[19]were available both on the internet and at the Party Conference ticket booth. The event started at 2130 and finished at 0300 the next morning. Conference Pride sold filled the capacity of the nightclub and was attended by several high profile Members of Parliament and Conservatives. The event also had extremist Christian groups protesting outside as well as socialist groups who believed that all members of the LGBT Community should support Left Wing parties[20].

See also

  • Equivalent organisations in the UK's other major parties include:


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