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The LGV Picardie is a proposed high-speed railway line running between Paris and Calais, via Amiens, in France.

When the LGV Nord was planned the residents of the city of Amiens in the Picardy region campaigned to have it routed via their town. However, SNCF decided instead to build the new high speed line on a more direct route between Paris and Lille. The Picardy region was instead supposed to be served by the TGV Haute Picardie station, though this has been criticised for lack of intermodal connections, summarised by "station in a sugar beet field".

The line would presumably deviate from existing north of the Gare du Nord and proceed directly to a new junction with the Calais branch of the LGV Nord to the east of Calais-Fréthun station. It is unclear how Amiens itself would be served, though the more cheaper and likely option is to use existing infrastructure. 20 minutes would be saved on the journey between Paris and Calais and making London to Paris (Eurostar) in under 2 hours a possibility. An additional benefit would be to relieve congestion on the LGV Nord itself.

The French government have announced their future investment plans to be built by 2020 and LGV Picardie has not been included. However, it has been listed as planned in the longer term, presumably sometime after 2020.[1]

The estimated cost of the line ranges from €3.2 to €4.4bn.



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